Lighter moments with my mom

So i was having a convo with my mom. So striking how much i am so like my mom. I at times wondered if i had anything in common with my dad and then i heard me and him cough at the same time, we have the same cough:) The determination i have in myself to succeed really became apparent when i saw how much it came from my mother. Gosh that woman is determined to succeed in horticultural farming. Its all she talks about and she always affirms her ideas over and over and over. Really important from what i am seeing now:) What does she have in her name educationally, just a diploma but she has achieved more in her life than my dad who is an Honors graduate in criminal law, one of the most respected lawyers of his time.

Life has not been so kind on me, i failed to go to university because i refused to study law. What did i do, i studied software development by myself and got a diploma through correspondence with a UK based college. Do i regret it, gosh i hated it at times but you really get to see how God created you to be something special when you stand out above the rest when you know you really are just nothing but because of grace! I went for dinner next door with my mom. She was invited by our Chinese neighbors and dragged me along. They are quite inquisitive you know :). So Russell, what do you do? Russell: I am a software developer at a telecoms company called Connection Software. Where did you go for university? Russell: Who told you i went to university? I studied by myself and got accredited. I could not afford to go to university at the time though i am going to take myself through online study next year September! 🙂 Really, you studied by yourself? You must be really smart. Russell: So i am told, i am just determined to succeed and create a legacy for my family.

I even talk like her at times. Hmmm like mother like son. I should get a picture of her here so you can see how we even look alike. The best part is when we drive each other nuts, like two cats and we always make up by dinner time. It is always comforting to know God always believes in you but to also know that someone else believes in you as well is a pillar of strength one can never shake.


6 thoughts on “Lighter moments with my mom

  1. Sometimes the path may be long and arduous, but God will take you to where you need to be. Be encouraged that He will help you fulfill your dreams. Your mom is awesome. LOL you are like both of your parents you just find out along the way. Sometimes I am in denial about how much I am like my mom but yeah, I am definitely my mother’s daughter, or so I have been told lol. 🙂 Stay blessed.

  2. Your Mom sounds like a wonderful woman. It is great how much she believes in you, a lot of us believe in you, too. I have such faith you will be published someday Russell. You have such determination, you will succeed! 🙂

  3. I’m inspired by your story. I remember being sneered at for choosing to study Mass Communications during first year of Papa’s friend told me Nursing was the way. Long story short, it takes a while for others to find their calling and when they do, they might not recognize it at first. Lucky you for being so determined and knowing what you want 🙂

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