Never dare champions

Its a little story of what happened to me not so long ago. Through my friend Attonbitus, i met these 2 Taiwanese guys called Edward and Peter. Strangely enough they stayed down the road from me since 1995. So they invited me over to their residence and i discovered that they play computer games like crazy. Even the mom plays as well and she kicks butt! So they had a game they played frequently which is called Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Defense Of the ancients. So i got a PC as soon as i arrived and got a 2 second introduction to the game. Soon enough we were playing and my first game was horrible. Mind you i am a massive video gamer and to have my butt thumped like that was terrible. Warcraft is the kind of game where you have to attack, defend and support all the way and you should avoid dying frequently. But of course i died 60 times in my first game :).

Yes its a record! I remember after that game i retired and said i was going home. They laughed at me, even i laughed at myself! But along the way Peter said something he shouldn’t have. “Eish Russell, you are never going to learn that game.” Yah, i am one of this people you should never dare because i am in the habit of proving people wrong all the time. I replied “i will learn the game in 2 months and become good at it.” He didn’t believe it but oh well. I got a copy of the game and installed it at my PC at home and started practicing, 24 hours a week! I was still dying above 30 times each game and trying to  figure out how stuff works. A month went past and i was still not seeing stuff out. So i went back to the guys and played with them but i had a trick. I had seen that the game allowed me to save replays so after a day of playing with them, i had saved all their replays and i went home and watched them. I started seeing 2 and 2, how the game worked! By the deadline of 2 months i had become descent at not dying, was not going past 12 deaths, compared to 60 give me some respect :)however i had not killed anything in 2 months.

A group came from China to play us at the game. Now you should know that games like warcraft are a national sport in china with competitive gaming leagues. So the team was unbalanced, my team was 5 while theirs was 3 so one of us had to go to their side. My team mates pointed at me since i was the weak link but the Chinese team refused to take me because plainly “i was black”. I smiled at that really! Someone else in our team was taken and soon the game started. Of course i got killed but i managed to get my first kill in that game after 2 months. I almost jumped out of my seat with joy! That day was the day i managed to put all  my little knowledge into action. they left the house and i went home. I went through the game and found a character i was much suited too because i liked how he fought and the powers he had. I went back to practice with my team mates and for the first time i raised eye brows after i did a little massacre on the map with my new found hero. I was managing to get out of games with 3 to 5 kills but i died more than that. I practiced more and more until i really became good. I remember playing against my friend Attonbitus and making him go into a state of depression after i ridiculed him in the game. I became good and i still practiced long hours every week, studying tactics, movements, attacks, defenses and discovering a method of playing i liked.


The time came when the Chinese team came again to face us and this time it was the full team. By then i had assumed the call sign “Shady Echo 4:19”. Now it is not just a name it has a meaning because it will tell you exactly how i play. Shady means i am a person who hides in the shadows and does not like being seen. Echo 4:19 was the call sign of a support frigate in Halo 1 which had the purpose of transporting and dropping relief for soldiers in combat. I am a support player who helps team mates get the job done. Atton wont ever believe that because i am quite ferocious, cunning and shrewd when i am attacking. That day was eternally horrible for the team that faced us because we destroyed them. we won 5 out of 6 games! What hurt the most from what i gathered was that there was a black guy who was getting to be a problem in the game. They went away and after some time came back again with a new team with 3 new faces. Of course the guy who had the privilege of facing off with us last time forgot to warn them not to get cocky especially with Shady Echo 4:19. The new guests experienced the biggest shock of their lives when i killed one of them within the first 12 seconds of the game with the help of my team mate Assassin (Peter).  By the time we got to 5 minutes since the game started i had killed 7 times. Reality finally dawned on everyone i was meaning business.

Since then i have made it a point to practice hard and to stay on top of my game. My team has destroyed every Zimbabwean team we have encountered with no remorse. When my team mates learnt of how i used replays to up my game they saw how i managed to get on top. I am the second deadliest player in our team, the first being Peter and i apply one principle here, “No student is greater than his master”. Peter was my teacher for some time and because of that i will never be greater than him. Though i am the guy who now gets out of matches unscratched. Just today as i was practicing with peter i killed our opponents 30 times without dying once. Peter says, if you manage to kill Russell, applaud yourself! He is hard to deal with if you find him and even harder to find except when he appears out of nowhere to kill you and then goes back into hiding.

Had Peter not said i couldn’t learn the game i probably would have left the game alone and went my way but the fact that he challenged me without knowing meant he triggered something i believe is in everyone, the strength of a champion. I am not the best in Warcraft defense of the ancients, but if you are ever matched up against me be prepared for a nightmare because i am a champion who fights to the bitter end in everything i do. Perhaps you need to be a champion in what you do because there will never be anyone to lift up your sword and strike your enemy while you just sit. I do not give up and dare me you dare one thing i have and that is the belief that God has made me able to stand up to any challenge in my life and crush it under my feet.


25 thoughts on “Never dare champions

  1. Good thing you applied negative motivation: the act of receiving a huge negative impact through replies, remarks and comments to the point of gaining enough determination to resolve to prove others wrong.

    You did that remarkably well. Something to think about in life. Taking on the challenges we are told we are incapable of facing!

    1. One of the greater lessons from my mom who faced this all of her life. “I would be very disappointed in you if you failed to succeed because you cannot step up and prove people wrong. I would be very disappointed in you” I still remember those words 🙂

      1. I tried that game once with group of friends…and I truly understand how intensely difficult it is to play. I give you serious Kudos for not backing down. I gave up after 3 sessions lol. I guess it wasn’t for me. I think I’m more of a racer, combat fighter type chick, but I do like that game Time Crisis. Awesome shoot ’em up and strategy is the aim of that game. Now you’ve got me feeling like gaming.

      2. ah no no no shade, try again and i will teach you. Unlike my team who wanted to kill me at every turn i will help you all the way. it is easy, just requires a lot of brain power and strategy. Outside of this i like gears of war, halo, call of duty, crysis. i cant stand racing and fighting but guns yes! tanks yes! robots yes! hmmm i like you shade, who would have guessed you are into games 🙂

  2. I grew up with nintendo to playstation, to arcade, to computer games, to psp, to nintendo wii…I’m all about games my friend. I know, I’m not exactly what people think I am. I was more of a tomboy growing up climbing trees and so on. Not a barbie fan at all. lol, I love to fight too in video games and games of strategy. I just have to be in the right state to really kick someones butt. 🙂

    1. hmmm. nice! I started off with the golden china, then went to the terminator and then playstation and the super nintendo and nintendo64 then all the gameboys and the playstation 2 and 3 and xbox and xbox360 and PSP. never pursued nintendo after 64.he he tom boy 🙂 you are scaring me now, i wont dare you 🙂

      1. LOL Russell, I’m not someone to be feared lol. I forgot to mention sega…but then again that was my friends game so I guess that doesn’t count. I used to play sport games too like NBA Live etc etc. ;D

      2. Oh dear, such a sin. I also forgot, i had a saga saturn and sega mega drive. I am so ashamed :(. Girls like you are dangerous assassins. Nice smile but has a dagger under the shirt controlled by a game pad lol 🙂

  3. LOL, I’m laughing so much and I’m at work. “Dangerous Assassin” huh. What about you…you’re like a skillful ninja that works in the dark, some might say an artful dodger. See how you pulled a fast one on your asian competitors. They surely didn’t see that one coming 😀

    1. hey what can i say, its a dog eat cat world. You will never see me coming before it way past too late and i am looking at you smiling. 🙂 i am going to get reinforced armor, that dagger of yours wont work i tell you, it will not work! lol ok one of those lighter moments 🙂

  4. Shade, dont be deceived by his words!!! when he says he will “teach you”, take it from me, you’ll think the Asians are GI Joe dolls once he’s through with you! 😀
    but on the real, Russell, i want a rematch!!! lol

    1. LOL point taken Attonbitushj! I must master the art of a smooth operator in order to outwit his tactics. Need to practice some serious stealth. I wish I could see your rematch. 🙂

      1. Atton, nothing personal, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time that day. Dont listen to him shade, i am a happy man with happy feelings :). No hostility whatsoever. Rematch anytime, i will gladly leave you in a comma this time 🙂 no hard feelings, we are still best of friends right? lol. mmm shade, if you setup the game again and update it to the latest version we can email you the replay file once we have settled it. you can view the game from there

      1. LOL, I love where this discussion is going. Why don’t you battle it out this weekend and inform me of the Victor. You can do all things since both of you already have a winning attitude ;).

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