Taking things for granted :)

SO i went on a fishing trip with my dad, but we got lost along the way! We laughed about it and asked for help from a disabled guy who we gave a lift as he wanted to show us the lake in person. So while we were on the way he didn’t seem to fit in, my dad and i are the quiet ride type with the occasional look at that :). So he was ranting and ranting, we didn’t mind! But he did say something quite funny and put me into a deep state of thought as to the amount of things we take for granted. He said “you mean to say that cars these days have little clocks to tell the time. Wow, cars are now so advanced, this little clock is actually telling the time, wow!” I was left speechless, shocked, troubled, dumbstruck! What the heck??? There are so many things we take for granted that if people knew about them maybe their lives would assume a whole new meaning and have a harder drive towards their purpose.


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