Yah i was once of those me me me people who could not stand having something done to them that was nasty. I remember how hard i was and funny enough how i have changed. I never have to open the bible to convince someone of the power of forgiveness, i just have to tell them my story. Perhaps you are one of those that can carry grudges over decades in exact detail! I know what that is like, i did it for 16 years of my life! I just have one thing to say,you need to taste life on the other side where you can easily forgive, where you no longer harbor hatred for people, where saying sorry is not a great burden. you need to see why God really is the word love for in him is the essence of forgiveness, the covering of all sin!

If you cannot forgive one who you can see do not expect to love one you cannot see. My fight is to right everything that went wrong in my life by building towards a future and i cant drag people in my past into my future. Releasing them is my first goal and though it hurts i work towards it because i know that i want to forgive them and i need to set them free from what i have put them through. One thing i have seen is that a lot of people do not have their mindsets and emotions on check and thus they get ruled by issues of great emotion like issues of unforgiveness.  But for how long will you walk the path of broken heal until you realize you are limping?


9 thoughts on “forgiveness

  1. Ty for this post, I bn thinking about forgiveness for awhile and still struggle with at times. But i coming to terms with forgiving them for myself. Post came at the right time for me. God Bless U:)

    1. So true “The parable of the Unmerciful Servant” v21-35 is a great starting point on the road to forgiveness. However, we must first choose to take this journey. I want to forgive those that have hurt me so I plan to press through my flesh to do it. Great Post Mr. Russell.

  2. Good stuff, Russell! Preach it! And, even better, sounds like your walking in it – in the freedom of God’s love and forgiveness. Hallelujah! I pray many can taste and see the goodness of God through what you have written.

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