Having confidence in yourself

I remember when i was still the strongly bipolar Russell. I had serious confidence issues and i hid behind my anger all the time. I later realized that in life you need a bit of confidence in yourself so that you can progress through one step at a time. Why do i say this, its because you only get confidence in yourself when  you realize something about yourself and what you can do, sort of mastering the depth of your foot print! Introspection is the order of the day here as the greatest lesson one can ever realize is that they have within them a power and a will to do something.

Though the craziness of the world hides that, its a persons prerogative to discover this. Confidence, you really need it in any measure! I always wanted to be a comedian but i was not at all funny and always too moody or angry to have anyone close to me. Funny enough through time when i discovered my way with words and how i bend situations in my head i  discovered i can be funny! I remember when i made my high school history teacher cry with laughter when i came to school with my eye brows shaved. To me i was just having a normal day but she failed to teach because i was the one in front of the class and she had to look at me! Wasn’t my fault ya’ll, i am just minding my own business. Bathroom accidents happen you know! I am a software developer by profession and confidence is key when i receive a project i know full well i do not have everything in place in my head to get the job right!

Its a tic tac toe, confidence is one thing you always need in a straight line and one thing you need to work towards getting and maintaining


3 thoughts on “Having confidence in yourself

  1. Interesting. You, Nightshade and I are all writing similar things. I wonder if it’s the season for stepping out and doing the best you can in your domain, without looking back! Good post. More often than not we do need confidence to stay on track and lose touch of anything.

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