Promises and people

Today i just have one very small lesson and forgive me all for being a bit quiet. I have just been observing something, in all of us as people. A promise is the easiest thing to make but the hardest thing to honor. I have discovered this in my personal life whereby no matter how small the promise i find that it can be a real sacrifice to honor it. Perhaps that is the notion behind promises!

I think it is a different case, as humans we constantly fight for acceptance and at times we make promises to achieve this. The downside to this is that failing to honor a promise destroys ones image faster than simply shutting up and acting dumb. A fool is one who lives outside of his means, whether monetary or from the words of his mouth # Rescue Mazonde. I love it when that woman cuts to the bone. God reprimands against making promises that cannot be kept. A lesson i have leanrt from an early age is never make a promise you cannot keep. I would rather delay a promise than to not be able to do it at all. You ever make promises you cant keep? Perhaps in walking in wisdom you would find that the best thing to do is to go to the person and ask to be released from the promise. An unhonored promise is not different from a lie and a liar is a person far away from Gods heart!



2 thoughts on “Promises and people

  1. From an early age I learned not to make promises nor accept promises – I have that as a general rule in my life…I broke that rule today though and promised my readers I’d write abt a particular topic tomoro – that promise I should be able to keep.

    Very insightful post.

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