The common part about common sense!

So yesterday i was walking with my neighbor who dragged me through most of town looking for a skirt for a wedding. Girls! On our way back to my car there was a lady walking behind us and she stepped on my neighbors shoes from the back. The first time my neighbor ignored it, but she did it the second time and my neighbor turned asking “who is stepping on me?”

So the lady, had now overtook us in that short time and goes “who stepped on you, i didn’t step on you. You are very rude, i was going to apologize but now i am not (still puzzled about why she would apologize if she did nothing wrong!). You stupid girl, idiot.” We were all quite puzzled and my neighbor can become a ticking time bomb in a matter of seconds. Thank God for the heat because she was too drained to take it further. I just told her to let it go, and she did though she still complained while we were still walking.






In my lifetime i have stepped on peoples shoes, i even knocked over a woman while i was walking because of congestion. People have even stepped on my shoes but i got to a stage where i just look and ignore it because you meet a lot of people while walking and it is foolhardy to assume they know common courtesy or even the word sorry. What really caught me yesterday was again the issue of common sense, think before you react! I understand the world is a frustrating place but that does not warrant absurd behavior. People have the tendency of venting their frustrations on other people even when they are wrong. I am really liking something i saw yesterday, “Common sense is so rare its now considered a super power!” Its absurd really, unbelievable!!!! How can you help someone realize that they do not apply common  sense when they should?


Yesterday was quite an eye opener, ignorance is bliss for others. “The good part about common sense is that it keeps you out of common problems”#Russell Mazonde


5 thoughts on “The common part about common sense!

  1. Again, this is so well written, Russell 🙂 I know what you’re saying about common sense. Some just don’t have the concept of it at all. That woman was very rude to step on your friends shoes, saying she was sorry would have been so easy. I try not to be shocked by rudeness anymore, but sometimes it’s just so “rude” 🙂 Thanks for such a great post!! Common sense for me.

  2. the reason why common sense is rare is because it is an irony in itself. common sense isn’t common because it is a high level sense expected to operate at everyone’s base level of sense. How can something of a high level be common to base level sense? It is indeed a super power. Love the quote going on there. lol I love your “Global Fast” suggestion. I’m just killin’ over laughing about that. lol. 😀

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