So what happened at lunch

Hmmm, at least we didn’t get banned but we certainly did make enough noise. Extra hot chicken was the torture of the day, with shots of vinegar, and to top it off, a chocolate cake from, sneaky lady. I didn’t know she was following me on my blog :).Β  Attonbitus got me a journal made for people born on the 29th of December, the first time anyone has over bought me such a gift. Hazel, the girl i was with in town yesterday got me a birthday card, first time i have ever received a birthday card from people who aren’t my immediate family. drjohnwatson made this beautiful cake, with help from her sister, got to meet her dad too, wow thank you guys for coming out to see me on my day!

I am not used to people showing me affection, i actually don’t like it because i feel like i am being a burden. I have pics and a crazy video but my phone is being moody so i might upload later. thanks to all of you for remembering me on my birthday πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “So what happened at lunch

  1. I must say I’m glad you had a good time, and didnt get ban. can’t wait to see the pictures and videos. You deserve a card and everythingelse you got today. God Bless U:)

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