Thought of the day: 02-12-2011(Things of God)

I have always marveled at how when it comes to the stuff we like doing, right or wrong we always put excessive effort to make sure that everything is perfect. The crude cliche is the date with the guy or girl you have been moaning and groaning about. Investment in time, appearance and so forth are necessary to present the best image that is convincing. or at least it is assumed.

But as i am a thinker, i have noticed that we do not always do the same thing for God. I have seen that the things of God are done sometimes with half a heart. It has always puzzled me why people arrive late or don’t even come for choir practice, or to serve in the house.  There is always a reason and it must be understood clearly. I think it boils down to the fact that in most of us God is not a priority if you really think about it, he is at most a luxury. If he was a priority he would come first and you would bend time to get things for him done.

I was deeply traumatized by the passion of the Christ movie. I always see the look Jesus gave peter when he denied him. I remember how he was lashed in that movie and to think that representation was not even close to what really happened i am really chilled when i think of what he did for us all. We really should take the things of God seriously, just like likehe did on that day.


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