People are different

No matter how much you might think you are a titan, progressing through life, getting all you wish for, money, cars, sex, toys and all that yick yack do not ever assume everyone leads the same example of life you lead. Due to the difference in personalities you will find there are people who have not even experienced what you do so openly and do not even have it high on their priority list. People will always have different priorities and if you view yours as the worlds view on what is important in life then by definition you are a fool because what is right in your eyes may be poison in the eyes of others.

Fools are the ones who try to be wise in sight of many, trying to prove they know something when they are way of target. Being a fool is no different from being like toilet paper, you lose your shape and purpose when rain finds you. You just wither away 🙂 If you can see that people are different and instead of imposing your priorities on other people, try to understand theirs and how they are molding their lives, you would find the right way to go. People are different, always see this and understand how it contributes to how they lead their lives.


Be careful how you approach people

So we are moving offices to a new location. I was handling security. We are a telecoms company and security on site is very important to us. So we contracted a local company to do the job. they handled security for our last site and we were happy with them. Our account went and paid and the alarm was being installed last week Monday and the security screens the day after. Alarm guys came and did the job, super fine! The engineering guys who door security screens didn’t pitch. So our accountant called the guys to ask and the guy we had dealt with refuted that he told us they were coming on that day. 2 people from our company were testifying he did but he still refused. He said it was penciled in for today. So a bit frustrated with his behavior and how he screwed up our time frame i made a phone call to someone. It was the managing director of the company who happens to be a very good business associate of mine. It didn’t take much to get him to understand the problem and surely he did, with a heavy breath of course.

“I will take care of it Russell, don’t worry!” Moments later he send me a text with the cell phone number of who i would be dealing with. I didn’t make a move. Two days later as agreed our accountant got a phone call. They were coming to do the job, a team had been rerouted to take care of us. The team manager came in and had the privilege of meeting me and he was quick to highlight how much trouble they got into because of this entire problem. I just said to him, “I use you guys because you do a damn good job but if you want to make fools out of us when we are the customer we will prove a point. I do not always want to go through a higher seat for something so simple. As people we should learn to treat each other as we would like to be treated and avoid making inconveniences for others. We had made plans on your word that you would be done and we have barely managed to move the plan around. Do not ever do something and think that people will not have a way of reacting, you never know who that person knows!”

Glad they did a splendid job, that’s why i like them 🙂

Christian fantasy

We have all seen films like the lord of the rings and played games like final fantasy. My question is, fantasy stories tell stories that are far from reality but have very good lessons about life and how we really should try and learn from them. Is there room in this world for christian fantasy stories, that show the world and all it can be, God and his power in extra ordinary storyline as well as construct a fictional world where lessons are the only real thing to derive?

Competing through life

I am reminded today that in life you will always find people who want to compete with others about everything. One of the reasons i have secluded myself from the bulk of my relatives is that they lead a life of competition, making kids compete against each other, competing with other parents like we are all race horses.

Is that it, to prove that i am better than you, i am richer than you, i have a better boyfriend or marriage than you? Quite astonishing really. A good friend of mine once said “i will not let my level of existence stoop down to the shallowness of your intellect”# Temba Simba

I think this constant need to compete with people springs from a identity crisis! A day before Christmas our Gardner came to my mom and asked for $50.00. He said that his parents had called and that they had no food and he needed to rush to see them and carry food to leave for them. So us being the generous folk we gave him what he asked for. On Christmas day we found some papers torn about the back yard, Jappy my dog of course was behind it all. We cleaned it up without much thought, its just a dog! After cleaning up Jappy came with more and we now wanted to find out where Jappy was getting all this paper and we ended up finding a bin at the gardeners house with a box for a new cellphone right on top.

My mom almost had a fit, new cellphone when you saying there is no food! It came apparent to me that my gardener has a competition thing where he likes competing with me. I got a drivers license and now he wants one! I have a better phone and he wants an even better one! I am always smartly dressed, he buys clothes every month! I always didn’t want to acknowledge it, but after my mom highlighted these incidents i came to realize that indeed it was true.

One thing i have learnt is that if you are waking up everyday, working your butt off and trying to build a legacy for yourself, your family,  your wife and children, you would not compete because those who compete are the ones who have goals that do not propagate over generations! Their site is for the now and the appeasement of the eyes of men and usually those who like competing always pick people who are always way out of their league anyway! Life is too important to compete over stupid stuff like phones, cars, clothes and money! really

Merry Christmas Judith

So about 2 weeks ago i meant a very close aunt of mine and she wanted to know if i could come to her house with my computer so that she could use skype. Her daughter Judith had a child and up until now she had never seen her grandchild. So yesterday i packed up my laptop and drove to her house, about 40 minutes away from my house. I got there and started the skype phone call. We really should not take for granted such things, i use skype everyday and they had never seen or heard of it!

So Judith got online with the child and they had a one and a half hour chat where the whole family got to see the child moving and screaming and playing and Judith got to see her family including her grandmother. Her grandmother due to old age does not see as clear but because of putting things on fullscreen she go to see her great grand child! What a blessing! She spoke to her siblings, her mom and dad and it was really quite amazing because they had never seen the little one and they hadn’t seen judith in years. I was just sitting there looking at how a simple piece of technology gave this entire family of more than 7 the best christmas gift ever.

I have never seen such a bunch of happy people like what i saw yesterday. Some look for presents that can be bought but these guys wanted a memory! Thats all!

This is the greatest christmas gift i have ever given anyone, just allowing people to have their dream come true by driving against a torrent of traffic, sitting there for 2 hours and having them use my laptop.


Merry Christmas Judith


Candle Lighter Award

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I have a few naughty ladies on my blog that nominated me for this award, namely Autumn and Gabby as well as Nightshade. Thank you, 1, 2, 3, both of you lol! I never imagined the simple things i write and do could have such a great impact in the lives of people.

This award belongs to those who believe, who always Survive the day and those who never stop Dreaming, for those who cannot quit, for those who keep trying and if you are in that catergory you are Entitled to this Award.

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