Thought of the day: 30-11-2011(Serious)

I think this weeks lesson for me was how people should learn to take certain things in their lives seriously. I have seen that there are some know it all’s in this world, people who cannot be corrected. They can make a mess of things and still have time to lie and ponder a way out of their predicament. At times their arrogance is the most offensive of all, speaking like they did no wrong! Ignorance is bliss they say but i say it is the virtue of the walking dead. My mom always said “you are dead, not worth living if the word sorry does not exist in your vocabulary”.

Circumstances differ but life deserves a serious approach and not a half baked one. Life can become a tragic mistake in less than a minute because of a immature approach to it. My sisters advise in her exact words if i remember correctly. Of course this is coming from a sequence of events i cannot discuss but its just food for thought because wherever you are, if you fail to take a serious approach to matters that concern you, your life and your destiny, do not be surprised when they fail.

perhaps you should read this again

But alas, not everyone likes being mature about life

“Do not fight stupid with stupid, stupid will always be stupid” # Sandra F Mazonde


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