Thought of the day: 2011-11-28(Burden)

It is almost a common occurrence that there are people who like being a burden to others, not because they are incapable but because they view it as fashionable or they demand some form of attention. It is quite easy to have an identity dependent on other people and thus becoming entirely dependent on other people for some form of structure.

I am no stranger to people who like being a burden, people who think they must bug other people with nonsense simply because they are not mature in terms of really knowing when to call on other people and when to man up to their situations and deal with them. Please do not think i am dismissing the need of interdependence between people but i must refute the basis upon which total dependance establishes a heavy bridge of laziness which one party sees as vital while the other sees it as a burden. I am at most very brutal with people who do not see that they need to be responsible for their lives because i do not like babying stupidity. I would invest time in someone trying to make a change and needs my help than one who needs me to do all the work while they have cake and tea. I am sorry but “grow up, the world does not wait for your laziness”!

This is a tough lesson i learnt from my mother who did no baby any of her children! You have to learn to be proactive in solving your problems if you want people to come in and assist you because not everyone view time as an unimportant object like you do. A person will probably not get tired with you if you are trying instead of when you are not doing anything and if you do become a burden people are less likely to help you in the future even when you really need the help. Being mature is not proving yourself knowledgeable, its showing that you understand how to keep a balance in your life and you have shown you are quite sensible in your approach to life. Even fools have knowledge, they just don’t have the sense to apply it!


5 thoughts on “Thought of the day: 2011-11-28(Burden)

  1. well said brother.

    the essence of manning up lies not in one standing for and doing just anything; it takes a brain, a heart and a strong conviction in Christ to man-up and become the people we need to be. someone once said (i dont remember who, sadly),”we are called human BEINGS, not human DOS, because GOD created us to become, not just to do”. it all boils down to individual choice, jus as Shakespeare said, “to be, or not to be”…

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