Thought of the day: 2011-11-24(Organized)

I really saw something in life yesterday, I used think that everyone is born able to remain organized in what ever they are doing. Being able to come up with plans, have foresight for problems, execute from A to Z and have contingency plans. It really shook me yesterday when i realized that not everyone is born able to be organized. Dirty table at work, cluttered bedroom, inside of car is messy, always scruffy, unable to come up with simple plans and make simple decisions.

I always took it for granted that i could do this easily but now i realize why my mother raised me the way she did because i do not think i would have learnt basic organization if she had allowed me care free liberties. Failing to be organized really comes out in the open when you are in contact with other people over prolonged periods and you get to the stage where you cannot act anymore. A guy in our office can have 3 glasses, 2 mugs and a plate on his table and he forgets time and time again to clean it up before he leaves the office. Is he a bad person, no not even! He just didn’t learn a quality required in life and that is basic organization and cleanliness. When we were kids we probably hated chores and responsibilities imposed on us by our parents but don’t you wish you learnt the moral of those lessons now?

My mom says you might be king here because its your house but once you get out that gate the world is your judge and the world will teach you and its lessons are not always pleasant to go through. It might not be too late for you to go back to your childhood and find out what you didn’t learn so that you can start learning while time is still there. Being an organized person will influence how far your life goes because failing to plan is planning to fail


8 thoughts on “Thought of the day: 2011-11-24(Organized)

  1. Yes, being organized is a basic way to live a productive life. The people people have to find a strategic way of getting organized. Not being task-oriented is no excuse.

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