Thought of the day: 2011-11-23(Dogs)

Don’t raise your eyebrow, i am just sharing my heart out here. In my life there are 2 interactions that i take seriously, my interaction  with people and my interaction with animals especially dogs. I have always related to dogs because of how as humans we treat them at times. About 2 years ago i was driving down a road on the outskirts of town and saw this guy who was holding this 2 dogs, that looked starved but were also so cute. I got of the road and asking what he was doing, he said he was selling them. I looked at them and felt so much pity, they hadn’t eaten in days. So i asked him how much he wanted, paid him, put them in the car and drove them home. The brown one was called Pablo and the second was called Mafia. Male and female respectively.

Those 2 have been my dogs since the parsing of my last 2 dogs Lassie and Snoop. I have seen how they have a problem with attitude and maintaining pleasant moods between themselves. They don’t horse around when they are with me but they at times chase each other and fight, doggy love or otherwise. What i saw was, as we interact with dogs and ill treat them, just like in humans we introduce generation things that affect them as they progress with us on this planet. Mafia has mood swings and is a bully. Pablo is stubborn. They have 2 kids now, well they had 13 but i got rid of 11 by donating them to friends i trusted. Eno, the eldest girl is untrusting! You have to work hard to get close to her and pet her because she doesnt let anyone close to her.

One day i went to church and waved goodbye to my dogs, when i came back i could only see three. I looked around and found Eno hiding about to die. She had been poisoned! I rushed her to the vet and paid a hefty price to save her life. It was worth it! I discovered my next door neighbor has been cooking meat, lacing it with poison so that he could kill my Dogs. He is refusing to help me put a durawall so that i can keep my dogs on my side. I ended up getting help from my dad to put a fence. Now Eno does not trust people at all!

Jappy, the younger male is still young, no concern in life except running and playing all day. He is Mafia’s favorite, eats in the same dish with mom and sleeps next to her. Eno on the other hand is bullied by her mother and chased around the yard and i have to intervene on her behalf. Pablo keeps going to a house down the street where he found a girl friend. Go to get him every Saturday morning.:)

I always see in my dogs how stuff that happened to the parents is now becoming evident in how it influenced their behavior. I know mafia doesn’t mean to bully and chase her daughter but she has attitude and aggression issues with other dogs even if they are family. Pablo needs patience as he is stubborn and does not catch stuff fast. Eno, needs love because she now doesn’t trust people or anyone at all. Jappy, well if the world was as free as he saw it, it would be all good.

God created animals for a reason and I really value dogs,i have always said the rejection in my life before God came resembled the rejection people put dogs through. Perhaps its time we consider what we put the animals in our lives through. So that in the end we give their generations better fathers and mothers like we all desire. Our influence on animals determines their destiny.


##Just a random thought as i drove to work and saw a dog lying on the side of the street after it was run over##


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