7 Days left

Yes you heard me right, 7 days left till my birthday. What do i want, hmm a pink pony. Ah no, maybe next year, i  wanted a donkey as a pet this entire year. Hmm SPCA will be on my case all year for that. Hmmm, enough with my fantasies, i already have 4 dogs :). I want to see all my friends in one place. So i am hosting lunch at Nandos Avondale for all my friends. No better present  than the host giving to the people who have given more than he can on that day.


14 thoughts on “7 Days left

      1. You shouldn’t fear being wiser than your years I find it to be a privilege. I remember doing a test of age intelligence at age 16 and apparently I had the intelligence and wisdom of a 40 year old so I’m guessing that by now I have reached the maturity level of an 80 year old lol :). It’s awesome to look young while being wiser than my years. It means seniors can’t fool me.

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