Thought of the day: 2011-11-21(Grace)

We all need our fair portion of it because it is that which sustains us in all that we do, it is our portion in what we need to achieve and the substance of our desires. It is foolhardy to think that your paces through life are due to your own strength. There is someone up high who supplies grace to see us through each day and all one has to do is to approach the thrown of grace in all confidence .

I am guilty of not liking to be a burden, even with God and at times i suffer because i do not ask. But thanks be to our God who knows people like me and still makes his grace new with every rising sun. Grace is our strength and my hope is that as you go through today you will know that there is a grace for you and you need to remain in it and all will be well.


3 thoughts on “Thought of the day: 2011-11-21(Grace)

  1. Grace is a change to change, and opportunity to do right when we can. It’s needed every day and some need it more than others (in respect to some of the characters I encounter) but it is a blessing to recognize it’s value in our lives.

  2. Grace is really important for us because it’s what we’re given in order to do the things that seem difficult in the eyes of others. We gain endurance to do the things we do for others and also those things that we’re called to do.

  3. since God gives is grace, through Christ, we are to share it with others. we are to be good stewards of every gift God gives us, including grace. it is not just the power that saves us, but the power that sees us through life. it is like oil to a machine; keeps thing working smoothly and flowing effortlessly.
    great post! keep writing!

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