Quote of the day: 2011-11-16(Age)

Hello Guys, yesterday was a very  special day for me. I gave my life to God on the 15th of November 2004 at midday after 18 years of hell in my life where i had major depression issues, anger management issues, bipolar disorder, alcohol abuse, spiritual arts and inability to talk to people at all.

I remember the guy, he was mighty brave to confront me like that. He said “God is looking for one to carry his banner but he cannot find none”, he cut through my tough carapace and hit where it hurt the most and then the seed of change had taken root in my life. Do i regret everything that has changed in my life? I don’t, not even once because if you could have seen me during that time you would not recognize the person i am now. I do not argue trying to convince someone about God, just hear my story and you will see that there is a God because his grace is enough to save a boy that almost became a serial killer. Wash him clean and put him into good works. I like what Paula White says, “the world might say you are rubbish but what the world forgets is that God is in the recycling business and he is taking the rubbish of this earth and making it precious.”

I might fall, i must stumble but i am glad God did what he did to me because i simply would not be here literally had it not been for him looking at me when everyone else judged me and cast me away. I am happy for  one thing, i met my friends and you guys, what a journey this is.

“Thank you all for being the precious people you are. I get by with a little help from my friends” #Russell Mazonde

ps: if you want to read the story of what happened before i got born again, let me know and i will post it for you 🙂


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