Crawling Moments: Chapter 13(Questionable vengeance )

Just like old times, Belana and I had a lot to catch up on. I told her how things had come to be this way and I hated seeing the look of pain on her face. My dad had been really fond of her, he even regarded her as another one of his daughters and she didn’t understand why things had happened as they did. I didn’t tell her everything. Gosh, how could I tell her that my father sold me for riches? I didn’t think I could ever tell her that but I did tell her about Jonah and what he put inside me and how I started using cocaine and about Joe. No one ever believed in the good in me like Belana did, she saw a way out for me even when I didn’t see an option. “I am so sorry Jun, I couldn’t find you. I wanted you to stay with me but I couldn’t find you. At least you are ok. We have to make arrangements for your father’s funeral once this is over but for now let’s just let the air rest. There is too much craziness out there! Don’t leave again please, don’t leave!” I doubted that Henry had the stomach for sentimental moments and my guess was right because he had already left the house. The note on the fridge said, “Not much to do for me here so I went to the hospital. See you later!” His new place looked nice, really nice. Better than the apartment, well at least more space but not much in the decoration department. I guess that constitutes the nature of most intelligent men! I sat down on the high kitchen chair and just thought of everything that had happened two days before. I wondered what Joe knew about what happened to me; he probably thought I was murdered. In the same moment Ashlee came to thought and I felt angry at her. I wanted to get back at her for almost getting me killed. I really wanted to rip her tongue out but I knew I couldn’t leave without Belana noticing so I wasn’t going anywhere and besides, I didn’t even know which side of town I was and how to get to the apartment. I spent hours sitting on the couch with Belana just talking about everything. Our conversation was broken by the door bell ringing. I got up to answer it as Belana was just laughing badly at my new haircut. I opened the door and was greeted by the shock of my life. “Hi. I am sorry about what I did. I was just jealous about you and Joe, that’s all. Please forgive me. I was wrong!” It was Ashlee; “the nerve” I thought to myself. I opened the door fully to avoid any hindrances and I knew Belana had noticed. I heard her get up and come towards the door. “I don’t care how you found me, but you have 5 seconds to leave or else I will make you unpretty.” She tried to talk some more, to plead for forgiveness but I started counting down. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Goodbye!” I grabbed her jacket and drove my right knee into her belly. Belana tried to hurry to the door to restrain me but I closed it before she could get to it. I grabbed Ashlee’s throat and head butted her two times and her nose started bleeding. I lifted her and threw her to the ground and sat on her. I heard the door finally open and started pouring punch after punch onto Ashlee’s face. By the time Belana got a hold of me and pulled me back, I had indented two black eyes into her face along with a cracked lip and broken nose. Ashlee tried crawling away and made it a few feet from me but I wrestled out of Belana’s grip and charged to finish her off. I readied my foot to kick her in the stomach when out of nowhere Corey charged through the gate in front of Ashlee, jumped over her and tackled me to the ground. He managed to get a hold of both my hands and held them with crushing firmness. His eyes cut straight into mine and I felt a chill of realism rush into me. “I strongly suggest you avoid hurting people or else I will be forced to return the favour!” He released his grip and got up. He walked over to Ashlee who was now sitting up but was failing to find the strength to stand up. He lifted her up into his hands and took her into the house. Belana was watching speechless. “Now you believe me Belana when I tell you that I am rotten. Just leave me alone, you will all hate me.” I got up and ran out through the gate as fast as I could, not knowing where I was going. Belana tried to chase after me but could not catch up. I remember hearing Corey calling her back, “Belana, come back. Let her go, she doesn’t have what it takes to kill herself. She is not going anywhere, she isn’t ready to die.” I ran and kept running until I was so far away from the house and had no clue as to where to go. I stood motionless for five minutes until a dumpster stopped right in front of me. “Hey you, I know you! I saw you with Joe at his party. What are you doing here? You look lost; want a lift back down town?” I nodded my head hesitantly but I felt I had no option. He opened the door and I jumped in. He drove his lumbering vehicle towards what was called home and did not say a word except for the usual questions of avoiding boredom. Thirty minutes later I began realising the place and moments later he stopped at a familiar door, Joe’s house. I shook his hand and jumped out of the dumpster. He sounded his horn and drove off. Soon enough Joe came out of the door rushing towards me as if he had seen a guardian angel. “Juniper, I am so glad you ok. I heard what happened. Thank God you’re ok. Its Ashlee isn’t it? Damn her!” All the time he was hugging me and I felt safe in his arms. In that moment I kissed him and I knew I wanted to do that for a very long time. I was so happy to see him and he was happy to see me as well. He didn’t let go of me, he simply lifted me up and went with me into his house and sat me on the couch. Everything seemed to become merry and whimsical whenever Joe was around but I put him through much even though truly I did care. I spent the night at his house though my senses tell me you think I slept in his bed with him. He took the couch out of courtesy and at most that is what most men should do. But even though it’s a good thought preceding a pleasant sign of respect, most men do not think that far! I did not sleep much that night even though I wanted too. The dream of this girl that night was to fall asleep and dream just like a normal human being but I guess not all requests are granted for the sake of observing normality. At around two in the morning I got out of bed and stood by the window overlooking the street. I gazed at the street light on the street pavement and seemed to get lost in thoughts even I could not comprehend. My thoughts were cut short by a knock on the door. “Jun, I can’t sleep. Can I come in?” I walked over to the door and opened the door to let Joe in. He came in and was a bit surprised to find the curtains fully opened and me not showing the normal agitation of being woken up in the middle of the night. He walked in hesitantly and I closed the door behind him. I presumed in a wild guess he thought I was about to throw him out of the window or something. He looked at me trying to figure out what I was going to do but I just grabbed his hands and wrapped them around me and pulled him to the window with me. It felt really good to feel his warmth again! I felt almost free with him wrapped around me. “Ashlee set the ambush! She went to the press and told them where I was and then tricked me into following her to a ‘safe place’. While I followed her she turned a corner and hit me with a baseball bat then she handcuffed me to a dumpster. The mob found me and threw eggs on me and beat me up but I was saved by a boy called Corey. He has been watching over me for some time, I never asked for the attention but it turns out my friend Belana asked for him to watch over me. He does weird things like appear in my dreams and say crazy stuff about God and stuff but he has saved me quite a number of times now. I just wonder why he doesn’t give up! He took me to the doctor’s new place and left me there and told Belana where to find me. While I was there Ashlee showed up to apologize but I didn’t give her a chance. I beat her up really bad and I am beginning to question if it was really warranted. She did me wrong and almost got me killed but she is just a poor girl who has it bad for you and wanted me out of the picture. I don’t know Joe! I am just messed up and I am doing things I never used to do. I have never beaten anyone in my life but I kicked you, beat up Ashlee and have done some horrible things. On top of it all Corey keeps on bragging about this God who still loves me after all this craziness, like honestly who is he fooling! God does not love trash like me, end of story!” I don’t know why I just spit out everything out like that but after all I said I honestly thought Joe was going to kick me out of his house for putting him through a lot of rubbish. He simply rested his head on my shoulder and pointed at a bright star in the sky and said, “I won’t leave you. You are the sun, you make me shine, more like the stars that twinkle at night, you are them all, close in my heart. You’re my daytime, my night time, my world, you are my life! I won’t tell you who sang that, find out if the words mean something to you.” We stood by the window for minutes on end until I started drifting to sleep and all I remember is being tucked into bed and getting a good night kiss on the cheek. I slept peacefully for a change and felt no urge to awake from my non chaotic slumber. I was however woken up by voices drifting into my dreams from reality. Joe was talking to someone and he wasn’t putting an effort to keep his voice down. I for a minute listened thinking it was in my dream. “Why are you here after what you did to her? You almost got her killed, and for what?! Just because you have a thing for me! Get over yourself; I don’t like you in that way.” I knew this was not in my dreams and started coming around to waking up. I woke up and got onto my feet and found my way to the door. I opened the door and the voices seemed to fade into silence. I made my way to where the noise was coming from while trying to rub the sleep from my eyes. I walked into the lounge and found Joe standing close to the front door with Ashlee standing in front of him. Ashlee to no surprise she was without a scar and I just thought to myself, “Corey has to tell me how he does that!” I walked slowly towards them both as they were staring at me and stood next to Joe and simply stared into Ashlee’s eyes. Truth be told, the girl wanted to run for her life but something seemed to have given her the courage to come to the one place I was most likely to be. There was a cold silence for a minute and then I breathed out and she stepped back ready to dash for the hills. “I am sorry for beating you up but I would appreciate it if you left. You are the last person I want to see right now. But however before you leave answer me this, how did you find me?” She seemed to try to find the courage to speak. All the time she had been avoiding eye contact and I guessed guilt was a greater killer than drug overdose in a sense. “Henry helped my aunt before she passed away. He tried to help her get her better but we couldn’t afford it so when she died he would come and check on me. When he moved he gave me the address to where he would be staying in case I needed to find him when conventional methods had failed. I figured it was the only place you could go so I came there wanting to say I was sorry!” She looked down as soon as she finished the statement and turned and began walking away. I heard her cry as she walked away and I slowly closed the door as she left. A heavy heart plagued me in that moment because even murderers reach a point whereby they question their actions; their so-called vengeance on the world they feel wronged them.


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