Quote of the day: 2011-11-14(Voice)

Everyone has a voice, no one does not have a voice. Do not castigate me on the basis of ignorance for i speak the truth. I have never been one who speaks far away from the truth. You have  a voice, everyone does! Yes what about the mute? I said everyone has a voice, i did not say everyone can talk! Understand the difference, for talking is a form of communication that makes understanding each other nothing more than convenient, a voice on the other hand has no consideration for convenience.

I have a voice, i have kept it silent for so long! Shying away from things that affect me, my destiny, my purpose and my dreams. I have a voice, you do not know it, maybe you do but in all things i have a voice. You have a voice, is it silent or does it speak? What does your voice say, what is its cry, what is it bringing into the atmosphere around us? I have kept quiet, shied away from issues of my life, destiny and purpose but no longer will i remain silent. Though i am not of many works through talking i have a voice. I have a voice you are listening to right now, a voice that is reaching deep into the crevices of your mind! You have been listening to my voice though we have never met, you don’t know what i sound like but you know my voice because voices do not need audible differentiation! They speak to each other because they are of the same frequency!

You seek to crush me, you seek to keep me quiet but no longer will i listen to you. No longer will i let you have your way for you cannot take my voice away from me. You cannot keep me quiet because my voice is my liberation, it is my piece and it is my banner.

###Gosh Russell what has gotten into you###

No longer will i remain quiet, do not think i will walk up to your door and shout in your face. I am not as low as you are, you will hear my voices echoing from the deeps, bouncing off the sides of mountains and dashing to the base of vast valleys! Everyone will know my voice is raging across the sky because my voice cannot be denied! You cannot control me and twist me into silence for you are by no hand a God! You hand cannot touch my helm for you are not my God. My voice breaks forth today, it shall cry like a crimson leviathan imposing its gargantuan presence across the fading sky. I am not remaining quiet for you cannot take my people, my nation, my culture, my hopes, my dreams, my expression and my being. I shall not not remain silent for the destiny of my generation lies in the balance.

Press me but you cannot crush me for my voice has strength, I fear no man born of a woman! I have a voice, i have a dream, a hope and a destiny and you can no longer tell me what to do. You have no right and you have no standing! I will face armies, i will face countless hordes of enemies but for as long as my voice is heard i shall be victorious for in my voice lies the name of the King to whom all bow!

Ha ha I have done what you never wanted me to do, my voice is no longer silent! Cry for you shall not stop me, i shall rally all my brothers, all my sisters and our voices will break forth like a raging wind across the sea. You cannot touch me, you cannot hurt me because you are no King, you are no warrior, you are a snake that hides in the cracks of withering rocks. My voice, my sword will cut you open and leave you to wither away under the scorching sun. I have a voice and with all that is in me it shall be heard for i will not remain silent. The matter of destiny is at hand and i will be damned before i let you have your way.

#I have a voice, I have a desire, to break cycles, to liberate minds and to see freedom all around# Russell Mazonde


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-14(Voice)

  1. The only sad thing is that not everyone knows their voice. Then the other equally ad thing is that those who know it may be afraid to show it, which is strange because they do kind of show it, even if it’s in a small way. They just don’t realize that which then makes it pointless to not show it passionately as Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Billy Graham, Mother Theresa and countless others have done.

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