I told you so!

About a month ago there was a serious heat wave in the city i reside in and i remember while driving to a friends house i blew one of my back tyres. No biggie, i have a spare, ahm wait my spare is also flat. Ok hmmm. Cellphone, call dad to come and get my spare pumped and return in to me, of course i pay. My dad came fuming, quite pissed to be honest. I had no option but endure it, but in passing i told him, this shall come to you one day and you will require my help, would you want me to treat you like you are treating me? He didn’t take heed to it but helped me and i was saved.

Well today, 1630 i get a call while i am in the parking lot, it was my dad! He wanted to know where i was, i told him i was still at the office. HE sounded happy, “come to the club and pick up my car and give me yours!” Suspicious but i had to go after all. I get there and he wants to trade cars because he has puncture in his right front Tyre and its depleting the pressure slowly. I smiled when i saw this, “isn’t it funny, when i have such problems you come fuming and throwing a tantrum but when its you i have to be understanding and even sacrifice! You refuse for me to drive your car even though i am the one who pays insurance for it and last time you gave me grief when i had a similar problem yet we are here today and its your turn.” I like my car, its old and not as appealing as his truck but i like my 1988 Mercedes Benz! i gave him my keys because i know old habits die hard! He didn’t want to leave the sports club because that’s his regular bar and he wanted a drink so the problem was now mine!


I drove his car home, quite fast to avoid getting stuck duringΒ  rush hour, removed his Tyre and put a spare and put the spare in the back for repairs tomorrow. The thing i have seen with people is that it is so acceptable to treat other people like rubbish but they do not like the treatment being reciprocated. What does it cost me to give someone my car when they have wronged me? A few liters of gas as he drives it and hopefully he wont wreck the tyres as well but nothing! It just sucks when i told you and you refused to listen because the stubborn heart of a proud man leads him to the place where he denies the twist of a hand to which he has no control. Think about it, my dad is family and i have to live with him, but not everyone out there is family and you might do this to someone who will leave you in the middle of nowhere with no sign of help.


Just a bit of common sense!


15 thoughts on “I told you so!

  1. You totally made my day today! LOL your dad is funny. I feel like I’ve experienced this before with few of my family members. But you are definitely right. A wrong plus a wrong, doesnt equal “right” so do unto others as you’d have them done unto you. In the end people reap what they sow.

      1. quite funny. This morning i woke up and drove to the office, well when i was half way my dad called, his spare wheel has also deflated and he wants me to come home and pick him up, take the 2 busted tyres and take them to the repair guys. I came back picked him up came into the city, gave him my keys, return my car when you are done dad! Its funny, how does it feel when you know you didn’t do the same for the same person when they had a problem

      2. You just showing you a better person or should I say you don’t hold grudges. What goes around comes around. I don’t believe we tend to remember that in the back of our heads to its to late. You do have good heart I must say. Oh yea I’m still waiting on the good reason, or you still thinking on it? πŸ™‚

      1. so i go and pick up the tyres and drive back home, fit one back in and leave he other in the garage. I come back to work. My dad calls, he is one in court so now wants to sort out the tyre thing. i tell him its sorted, he can find his way home and get his car. He says ok. Then he says he wants money as he doesnt have any cash. He had given me a 50 dollar note in exchange for my cash which was in smaller denominations. i tell him to come to the office. he comes and he now says i owe him $10.00 more than the initial value we exchanged. How does that man do it really! πŸ™‚ Hands down he is deep

      2. LOL this story is getting interesting by the second. You know your dad is way in too deep but Ithink when it comes to relatives they take advantage of the “forgiving” ones….and I mean “forgiving” in the sense that they are expected too for their bad behaviour. They shouldn’t take advantage of that level of grace. But don’t worry, God has ways of humbling someone, just give it time my friend πŸ˜€

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