Crawling Moments: Chapter 6(Defiler’s mound )

The life of praying had never been deeply rooted into my spine. I was a church girl because my dad was a pastor and for the sake of keeping up appearances I had to behave. I doubt in my entire life I ever prayed an honest prayer outside of me being pompous in my assumed Christianity and faith. How could I have faith when all I ever had and all I was, was given to me by my parents? At most I was nothing more than their dream and superimposed image of the reality that was supposed to be my ever propagating sense of life. The thought of leaning on God was such a distant thought that I never entertained it in my mind. Who was I to acknowledge His strength when I never knew it! Lest I be liar, I was not going to trust anyone I didn’t know. I walked out of the bathroom, shaken and defeated and went into the bedroom. I looked around and saw a conveniently placed bible on the dressing table. I walked to it and took it. I opened a random page and read a random verse, “The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy but I came to bla, bla, bla.” Is there a man who didn’t know that verse on this entire planet? I closed the bible and put it back on the dressing table. I was simply not in the mood to entertain things that seemed to not have any sense of guidance and bearing with respect to where I was going at that current time. For a bachelor pad, the place was surely a bore. Gees, a funeral parlour had more ghostly action than this state of boredom that happened to be able to house living people inside it. The bed looked so tempting but I knew that someone would be waiting for me on the other side so I wasn’t too keen on going to sleep.

Jonah looked so cold, so inhuman as if something had consumed every strand of morality in him and given him inhuman supernatural power. I had never seen him before in my entire life but I knew that he had spent years observing me. I never thought of the existence of ‘dimensions’ to be real. Just a pigment of overactive imaginations would have been a better definition for me but in as much as I would have loved to harbour such ignorance; it was quite evident that I was constantly going to one. I touched my belly remembering that in my dream, something had been put into me and I hoped it was just a dream. I wanted children of my own but I hoped a better life for them outside of the chaotic life that plagued this 17 year old. But if I were to be a mother then what kind of a mother would I be? Would I be a good example to my children, would I die early like my mother or I would be a walking curse to my children? Yet Jonah said I would not be able to have children, what if it is true!? Then I am damned to an existence of pain by myself, the curse of the damned! What manner of a man would love me if I cannot bear offspring? Maybe I can be like Hannah but I doubt God would give me the child anyway. I heard the ticking movement of a clock on the wall and looked towards it. The clock wasn’t there when I came in unless it was dead. The timewas 11:45pm. The television was still on and making a distant noise and I now felt hungry. I made my way into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were 2 minute noodles and next to the fridge was a microwave. I took the noodles out of the fridge with a bit of muttering on my tongue. “Damn it doctor, you do not put 2 minute noodles that haven’t been prepared into a fridge. There is no point. They are still dry!” I read the instructions and popped the noodles into the microwave along with everything else required to make them come out in a consumable state. I went back into the fridge and found orange juice. “Glasses, glasses! Doctor you do know that I need a glass or tumbler.” I opened cupboard after cupboard until I found one with just one glass. The microwave finished processing my food and I opened it and took it out. I poured some OJ into the glass and went to sit by the TV. I ate as much as I could because the thought that kept on crossing my mind was that I am feeding a snake in my belly that would soon grow and cause my belly to explode. Not such a comforting thought but a lady is allowed to think otherwise since the events of the past had left such a deepening scar. Television was a boring feast to my eyes! There was no satellite link so just try to imagine what I was being forced by nature to watch. “The only thing to make this worse is if a Power Rangers ad comes on.” I spoke too soon though, the next three adverts were all about power rangers action figures.

I kind of hit myself on the head with the remote, trying to figure out exactly why I had said what I had. I switched to cartoons and ran into a disaster of a cartoon called ‘Fat dog Mendoza’ or something like that. I quickly had flashbacks of that cartoon and changed the channel. I went onto the local news channel and found them talking about fraud and corruption. How terribly convenient! I switched off the TV and kept on eating as much as I could.  It was now midnight and I was nowhere near daybreak. The chicken coop I was locked in was no breath of fresh air when it came to entertainment and relaxation. I started dozing off on the sofa. I knew I didn’t want to go to sleep but for all I could do, I had little strength to stay awake. I always felt sleepy after eating and this situation was no different. I clutched to the cushion and drifted away to my chaotic slumber land paradise. Jonah was waiting as always, such an expectant character he was. One would think he was all knowing had he or she not seen the veil of stupidity and utter pride that engulfs his character and identity. I was back on the bed and it didn’t take me long to notice that I was naked again. “How is my little friend inside you treating you? He won’t cause any trouble, just try and have kids and find out what he can do. Now to continue with where we left off before you ran out of here. This is the last leg of the operation and I am confident you are going to love the implications of this operation. If you ever have sex with any man, that man will die! Simple isn’t it. Sylvanas doesn’t want to kill you; she is simply going to do stuff to you, at no cost to the average tax payer, now isn’t that the kind of leader we would want to elect into office? Now enjoy!” Behind him was a tub of water and he reached into it. He pulled out a hideous looking viper. The snake looked like it had an attitude problem. “Jonah, what are you doing to do with that? Don’t you dare do something you will regret!” He smiled as if he was unmoved. He touched my right foot and my legs where split open. He put the viper on to my right leg and it started to slither towards…… well, this is now very personal and very disturbing. What he did to me that day was inhuman and disgusting. The snake slithered into me until all of it was inside. I screamed and tried to get free from the forces holding me to the bed but I couldn’t move. I screamed and cried but the snake just went in. I felt heaviness in me now, a corrupting darkness. A lingering sense of evil and corruption had now entered my once tranquil existence. I was breathing heavily, looking in awe and shock but all I could do was look. It was inside me and unless I had a surgical blade, it was going to stay there. “Don’t worry Jun, if you go to see a doctor, he or she won’t find anything in your physical body but trust me, you are now mine and you shall know fear and endless death.” I was now a pile of rottenness, a polluted heap and I felt so vile inside. Jonah walked away and sat in a distant place. I felt myself waking up and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I soon found myself waking up and I was greeted by a deepened need to leave the apartment. I quickly rushed to get the cell phone so that I could call Henry but the phone had no reception. Reception came back on and I called Henry, “Henry, please come here, a snake crawled into me while I was asleep. It’s in my belly. I won’t be able to have children. Come here. Bring your surgical blades. Please cut it out of me. I have to get out of here. Come now please!” Henry laughed for a bit. “You had a nightmare Jun, you are in downtown and last time I checked, there were no snakes in that area of blocks. You are just being hysterical. Hang in tight and try to get some sleep. I will check on you on my way to work tomorrow morning.” He cut the phone and that’s when I noticed I was alone. I ran into the bathroom and threw myself into the shower with my clothes on. I turned on the cold water so that maybe I could wake up but it soon dawned that I really was awake. I took of my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel that was on the towel rack next to the shower door. I rushed into my bedroom and put on new clothes and wore a hat to cover my baldness. I dug into my clothes looking for gloves and soon found them and put them on. I quickly returned to the mirror in the bathroom and took a look at myself. I felt so foreign in my body, so unreal; a doomed cursed element of human existence. I was no longer beautiful in my eyes, I was corrupted and vile. Respect was not demanded by my looks anymore, just worthlessness.

I looked for the nearest window overlooking the outside pavement and made my way to it. I looked outside and saw no one. I rushed into the lounge and grabbed the little bronze key and unlocked the door. I quickly locked the door and rushed in a direction I knew not! I found myself soon enough, outside! I wasn’t myself, I felt like I was under the control of some superior force. A carnivorous ego had forcefully imprinted its character onto mine and had assumed control of me. I got onto the pavement and started walking down the street to the streetlights three blocks down. My step had changed; I had never walked like this; as if I was an open meat market on legs. Trapped in my own body as a silent observer, quite a nice experience if you are not about to do something wild and crazy. I felt slutty and immoral but I could not stop anything that was happening. I tried to turn back but my mind had lost control over everything. I crossed a street and saw a young man running towards me. From what it looked like, he was on his way home after a long day’s work. He was in a black trousers and white shirt with a slightly loose tie. He held the jacket in his hand as he walked and seemed in a hurry to get home. He must have been working at a restaurant or a bar; well, what else would keep him that late? He was still a block away and I immediately stopped. He crossed the street onto the pavement I was on and from the looks of things he wasn’t going to slow down. “Goo-, Goo-, Good evening miss!” I stepped onto his path to stop him. He tried to move to my right but I cut him off. For a few seconds he tried to get past me but I stopped him on every turn. “Miss, I don’t want any trouble. I, I-, I- just want to get home. It’s been a long day! I have to feed my cat! Please let me through!” He tried to get past me one more time and he rammed into me in an attempt to run over me. I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground and threw him into a nearby fence on my left. I was in shock in the inside; I did not possess such strength. I was merely skin and bones, and a bit of flesh in the right places. Nothing solid enough to lift another person with one hand. I was now scared, I think even more than my victim. I tried to stop but even I was a prisoner, a victim in this dangerous game. The young man fell to the ground in shock and tried to crawl away. I grabbed him by the belt and pulled him back. Whichever force had control over me started speaking, “Hello Danny, I hope I haven’t caught you at a wrong time. You are forever busy and it is hard to get a hold of you. You want to have some harmless fun? Nothing tricky, you are just going to stand up and we will go home together, just like a happy couple and then we are going to have what I would like to call some midnight action. Nice isn’t it?” I grabbed his collar and pulled him to his feet. The young man was so terrified, shaking in his pants; gosh, maybe even decorating them like it’s summer all over again. “If you try to run, I will kill you. Just chill and take this to be a little adventure; we just want to have fun!” “O-, o-, okay, whatever you say. My house is-, is just two blocks down. That apartment block, room 3, 3-, 308.” He started walking, well between walking and almost falling to his knees in horror but you do get the drift. We arrived to the apartment block and it was the same one I lived in. Room 308 was next to mine! We got up the stairs at a very slow pace and soon enough we were on the floor where our rooms where. “Who else stays on this level Danny?!” he turned to face me and tried to recalibrate his composure, “There is old Miss Sanders in 3, 3-, 3-, 305. She has a hearing problem and is fast asleep now coz she takes medication. There is Je-, Jerry in 301 but he is out on work so it’s just me and Miss Sanders. The doctor who stays in 309 is never home so tha-, tha-, that’s it!” “Good Danny, now keep walking and open the door to your apartment, don’t try to be clever, I will kill you!” Danny, was so terrified, he was shaking so badly as he walked and didn’t look like he would last any longer. To me he was just someone who had fallen victim to a game that should have never gotten to this stage but at most his face had crossed my sight once. I just didn’t know where. We got to room 308 and he pulled out his keys, but he was shaking so much he couldn’t hold the correct key. I held him by the collar and pulled him closer. “Open the door Danny, it’s such a young night!” He was breathing deeply; one would have thought he was going to have an asthma attack. He was weak all over and I was trying to help him and me out of the situation but both of us were weak to this hunter that was controlling me. I kissed him and felt his heart pounding even faster. He fell to his knees and I took the keys from him and opened the door. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into the apartment, closing and locking the door behind him. That night, I was horrified by what happened to both of us. Danny was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I was on the verge of killing myself so that all I was seeing could stop. I forced myself onto him, I rapped him! Not once, twice or thrice but five times. I threw his cat out of the window into a tree and violated him badly. At around 4 o’clock in the morning I left his apartment and went into mine. I burst into tears as I closed my door and felt a rumbling madness inside of me. My belly started to hurt as if something inside me had come alive. A voice in my head came into clear hearing, “Ha, nice wasn’t it? Keep going! Remember, since you have started this, you will feel this pain after having sex and the more people you abuse and rape, the more the pain grows. What you do after working hours will be an added benefit to your pain so please try and kick in some overtime. Take care now, and don’t be a stranger!” I felt pain so real I thought I would cry rivers of blood. Danny next door started screaming and bashing the walls. I wanted to go to him but I was so terrified and in so much pain. For about five minutes he was on a rampage, breaking and tearing things apart. In the last minutes or seconds, he called 911 and cried for help. He grew silent after that. 4 minutes later, two sirens stopped in front of the building. I staggered to my feet as the pain was starting to pipe down. I fell onto my bed and quickly dosed off. I didn’t go into the chaos dimension, I was just asleep! I could hear footsteps and people making noise next door. I figured Danny was dead because the cars outside didn’t leave in a rush. Another loud sounding car came along a few minutes later and I just figured it was a meat wagon and soon enough another car came along but it didn’t have the grace of a siren.

About an hour and a half later, I was woken up by a knock on my door. “Hello, is anyone in there? Open up, this is the police!” I rushed to my feet and I didn’t know if I was scared or if I was indifferent. I walked towards the door and as soon as I opened the door, I was that person again. “Good morning miss, I am Detective Jonathan Ross. I would like to ask you a few questions!” I remember my face frowning and asking “Why detective, what happened?” He looked surprised at my response and nodded his head in disbelief. “A man living next door to you, a Daniel Osworth, called 911 over an hour and a half ago asking for help, but when we got here he was dead. There is no sign of forced entry and no sign of any assault on him outside of a few minor bruises. Did you hear or see anything suspicious before we got here!” “No officer, I just moved in yesterday, I didn’t even know I had a neighbour. I was fast asleep and never heard anything. I didn’t hear anything from that room.” “What’s your full name Miss and please tell me how you came to stay here?” “My name is Juniper Miles. This apartment belongs to a friend of mine and he let me stay here until I can find a place of my own. My friend is a doctor at the Mainland hospital. I used to stay on the island but I lost everything when my father died so I moved here.” “Miss Miles, how did you get the scar on your cheek?” I paused for a bit and felt myself crying a bit, “I crashed into a church armrest when I was trying to reach my father as they took him out of the church. He committed suicide in church.” The officer looked indifferent, “Oh yah, that story. Gosh. A lot of people are looking for you. So you are absolutely sure you heard nothing. There are depressions and cracks on the wall showing he must have struck it a number of times with something.” “No detective, I have had a crazy few weeks so I was knocked out plus the medication I got from the doctor isn’t helping when it comes to staying awake. I didn’t hear a thing!” The officer breathed in frustration and smiled a bit. “Thank you Miss Miles. If you remember anything please let us know. We have no evidence as to the cause of death. The old lady there also didn’t hear a thing so the story is not bearing much substance outside of the fact that he is dead. Thank you again Miss and sorry for the disturbance.” As the detective backed away from my door, I saw Henry down the hall coming towards my room. Henry picked up his pace when he saw me standing by the door. His attention quickly turned to room 308 when he saw Danny’s body being put into a body bag. “What happened here, what happened to Daniel?” The detective bent down to look Henry in the face as Henry was on his knees trying to stop the other officers from closing the body bag. The detective held Henry’s hands and told him to wait outside. Henry left the room and came to stand with me by the door. The detective soon came out, “Sir, who are you and how do you know the deceased?” “I am Doctor Henry Griffith; I own room 309 which she is staying in. Daniel used to be my neighbour while I was still staying here but I moved a couple of months back into a bigger place. This lady here started staying here yesterday evening after I discharged her from hospital. What happened to Daniel?” “We don’t know doctor, there are no signs of assault or forced entry and his house is a mess. He had quite a fight before he died but with what we don’t know. We have to wait for the autopsy to reveal the cause of death but so far nothing. We will keep you informed if anything comes up but if you have any information that can help solve this case, please come down to the station and help us out.” The detective backed away as the other officers carried the body out towards the meat wagon and the crime scene boys who had also just arrived came in to dig for clues. Henry pulled me into the room and shut the door. “Jun, what happened here? Did someone try to hurt you?” “No Henry, I am as surprised as you are and I didn’t even hear a thing, that’s the funny part. No one bothered me, absolutely no one. I was here all night and I promise you, I heard nothing next door.” For a novice liar, I surely had found a hidden talent. Henry believed every word of it. He breathed out and looked around the apartment. “Ok Jun, I’ll check up on you more often. If anything happens, call 911 on the cell phone so that they can come and help you. I doubt I can get here as fast as they can.” Henry hugged me, but if he only knew who he was talking to! He had a little satchel with him and he gave it to me. I opened it and it had movies, a Playstation Portable and some games. He smiled, “I know this place lacks in the entertainment department so I bought you these to keep you from going crazy. Take care; I have to get to work. I will pop in later!” Henry opened the door and as soon as he closed it I burst into tears. I rushed to lock the door so that he would not see me crying. Why was this gravitating around me? I had just killed someone. Whoever said sex doesn’t kill would have loved to meet me! I felt so rotten, so defiled and so used I just wanted to die. The events of that night were moments of horror I would never forget. Poor Danny, poor innocent Danny!


9 thoughts on “Crawling Moments: Chapter 6(Defiler’s mound )

  1. to be quite honest….this story isn’t weird….I have heard of strange happenings like this back home…I don’t know if this story is a real one but this type of stuff happens a lot it Africa. They use black magic…juju, witchcraft so I think I can relate somehow… It’s just unreal here in the West that’s all. I must say…this story is turning out to be a serious page turner. Keep it going 😀

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