I was asked this question just yesterday by an interested party, “Russell, where do you get your inspiration. What you write and what you say and what you think, where does it come from?”

Silence followed in the air with that awkward eagle sound coming from the distance. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do that at times ya’all. Ahm I am a simple human being, like everyone else. I wake up everyday, hate tea so i get coffee, go through my day like everyone else, face problems stumble, get up, win, celebrate and do it like everyone else. I am nothing spectacular, but i had an experience!

Quite a while ago i met this lady, her name was Lee who on one sunny day walked up to me and told me something that was new to me. She said to me, “you have a very wild imagination and God is going to use it.” I was like, ahm ya! I didn’t know about no imagination, i didn’t write at that time, or did i move in the frame of mind i do now. I thought she was conning at most but something held onto those words inside me. It was after the passing of a few years that i found myself understanding and relating to things in a scary way. I would write my thoughts down on paper and people who would read them would think i had honestly gone crazy. I had now become a greater believer in God and i had made a formal request for knowledge, wisdom and understanding and this went looking for understanding.

I found that when i write i can use words to vividly build a world in ones mind without the need for any correlation with an existing entity. I found i could activate ones imagination without them knowing it, allow them to see something that i am seeing even if i am not with them. Just as long as they read what i am writing or hear what i am saying. I also tapped into a wealth of emotions as i entered stages where i started confronting emotions deep inside myself. Emotions surrounding my life, my father, my dream (though not so clear then :)), my flaws and strengths. I discovered that just like imagination i could capture emotions in raw form through words. How i do this truly still puzzles me.

As i spoke to people they became an open book where i could tap into their emotions and in my own capacity experience a portion of them thus gaining an understanding of what they are really feeling or what is really going on with them. it scared me at first because i would end up with a very accurate description of someones state of mind, a description of their emotions and their disposition. I easily got condemned by a lot of people at church and of my age because at times i would get into this zone where i can grab a paper after talking to someone and write a short page or 2 on what we discussed, capturing the person in great detail up to things they thought i didn’t see or didn’t know. I also had this when i spoke to someone, i would end up describing the person from a third person, explaining to them the basis of some of their conclusions in life, their state of mind, emotional stand and all sorts of crazy things. I didn’t mean harm through this, but its something i could do and still do very well. Of course i didn’t have the maturity i have now back then.

One person after a short encounter with me termed me “a bullet”. My inspiration is people, that’s why this blog is called the people stories because in all my attempts i am trying to understand people so that i can understand myself as well. My inspiration lies in helping people just like i was helped long ago. Not everyone can understand people at times, not even I can but i can understand people and actions through encounters. Everything i write here is an encounter with a person or people! It’s because now i have seen that I am different and for a reason. Because people die inside, do not have a voice, do not have an understanding and do not have peace. So i shall speak, write, cry and echo in the deeps of time,ย  for every voice that has a burden to shed, every tear has a stream of pain, every moment has a word and everyday has a need for a story narrator.ย  Pride since departed from me when i knew that God had done something to me because he could and because he had a plan! My inspiration you ask, its people, their stories, their experiences, their emotions, their thoughts and how history allows us to mold a better future because in everyone lies a story that is changing the path of the universe in a small way. I do not understand some of the things I do, but i know one thing, i tell stories because people need a voice of reason and a voice of comfort, because i have seen a way and a plan, and because i have seen the ways of my heart in leaning towards the cries of others!


That’s Russell Shady Echo Mazonde


19 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Continue to inspire us all. Life is a story and experience is the contents page. Maturity is the conclusion and wisdom is the index page. Thanks for being an interesting book to read Russell.

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