Crawling Moments: Chapter 5(Curse of the damned)

I woke up only to realise I was still asleep. I was in my new home, with my nemesis of course sitting on a chair right in front of me. I had been lying on the floor and as I got up, he stood from the chair and walked to me slowly, clapping his hands. “Bravo Juniper, you actually survived that, wow! I am truly shocked. Don’t worry, you are still alive, you just had an allergy attack. My master told me about your allergy so I wanted to test out just how true it is. I guess she had done her research right!” I looked at him with ounces of anger building in me but I failed to summon myself to do anything. I stood and looked around me. I saw a mirror in a corner. I walked towards it and stood before it. I stepped back in disbelief; the person in the mirror really wasn’t me. My head had been shaved bald. All my long beautiful black hair had been removed. I broke into tears and despair. He approached me and stood behind me. “Well, your hair is gone. Hmmm, that’s a start. So that we understand each other, I will leave nothing beautiful on you. I knew eggs would make you have an allergy attack so I had one of my minions orchestrate the little event outside the hospital. He threw the eggs and his target was your hair. I guess I have to pay him for his services. A job well done I have to say”. I looked into the mirror again and saw that really a part of me had been taken. I wiped away the tears while I was crawling back to where I was lying before. I rested my back on the wall and summoned the strength to speak. “You have taken a part of me. Why? What did I ever do to you for you to seek to hurt me? Why can’t you just leave me alone? Must you turn the entire world against me?” As I spoke I started crying again because of the emotional distress I had just been plummeted into. I now didn’t want to wake up because I knew what I was going to see. He walked towards me while he was dragging the chair behind him. He sat down and laughed in a deep horrific voice. “You did nothing, but that doesn’t mean I cannot hurt you. I am going to hurt you because of what you do not know. You did nothing and for that you shall perish!” He suddenly vanished from in front of me and I felt myself waking up. I tried to hold on to the chair so that I wouldn’t wake up but I found my eyes wide open in a matter of seconds. I was back in the ward I had left before and in front of me was a new doctor who had volunteered to attend to me. I recognised him; he was my father’s friend. He knew my father and I had always called him by his name. “Henry, where have you been? What happened to my hair?” he approached me and sat next to me. “Well Juniper, nice to see you too and oh, about your hair, since your hair was covered in eggs and other substances, washing it would not have gotten rid of the stench. This could have led to another allergy attack so I resolved to shave it off so that you don’t fall sick. It will grow back in time, don’t worry about it. It would have taken too long to get the stench out of your hair so I had to do it, for your sake.” He gave me a mirror and left the room. I looked into the mirror and started weeping. It was true what I had seen, I was bald! I looked like a patient straight out of chemotherapy with very few reasons to smile about. I had never seen myself with a bald head; I felt so, so ugly! Henry came back into the room with some food and sat next to me. “It’s either you eat this by yourself or I sedate you and put it through a drip. Make your choice?”I quickly dug in so that I could finish while he watched. I wasn’t about to go back to sleep on account of refusing to eat. I could see pity on his face as I ate and he put keys onto my lap. I looked at him with a puzzled face. “That’s an apartment I rent downtown. It’s where I first stayed straight out of college. It isn’t much but it can do. If you get dressed I can take you there now and leave you there. It has enough food for long rainy days so don’t worry about it. I looked at myself and noticed I was in a thin white dress like thing. I looked at Henry with a mouth full of food, “Where did you get what I am wearing?” He looked at me and laughed “Bad manners! I managed to sneak some clothes out of your house so yah, I found it in your room along with some of the things I have already taken to the apartment. I thought that dress was your night dress! Finish eating and get dressed, it will be dark soon and it will be time to get you out of here.” I did not have a dress like this but if it was found in my room then I guess I bought it sometime. Henry was a good man, a friend to my dad but I never expected so much gratitude from him. He left the room and I took it as an opportunity to change clothes. I had new clothes at the end of my bed and I quickly got into them.

I looked at the white dress I had taken off and I tried to remember where I had gotten it. I remembered that it was the dress I was wearing in the chaos dimension when I almost got frozen to death. My heart paced faster and I threw it into the bin. Henry came back into the room and looked at me without a word proceeding from his lips for a second. He then shifted his gaze to the window and walked towards it. He looked out and muttered the word “Good”. I looked out the window and saw a lot of people wandering outside as if they were waiting for something. It’s funny how people can set camps for the weirdest of reasons! Henry looked at me with a chilling stare, “They are waiting for you strangely. Had I known you would be such a drama icon I would have launched an entire sitcom series based on your ordeal. I would be a rich man you know! The police are going to keep them at bay; we are going to use an ambulance to get to my old apartment. While you are there, stay indoors! I will check up on you as much as I can. All the necessities for at least two months are in that apartment and I put in a T.V and radio for you to keep track of what happening. Please, stay indoors, these people will hurt you if they get the chance. I couldn’t live with myself if I let my friend’s child suffer the same fate as he did.” I nodded my head in agreement but I wasn’t quite sure if I did so out of an impulse of fear or an established seat of reasoning. Henry walked towards the door and did some hand signal to a nurse. The nurse came in with a stretcher bed along with two other nurses. Henry stretched an open palm towards the bed and I guessed that was the cue for me to lie on the bed so that we could head to the ambulance. I got onto the bed and the nurse tied the drip onto my hand so that it would look like I was on it. Henry pulled out a bandage roll and told me to sit upright. He started wrapping it around my head. After wrapping it around my head, he said, “Iodine saves the day.” He told me to lie down and spilled some liquid over my bandaged head. A sheet was thrown over me. I could hardly see because of the bandage and the stench of the liquid that was spilt over me caused my nose to think of all bad smelling things in the world. Henry stood to my right and started speaking, “For this plan to work, you must not move. We are going to rush you out of here on the pretence of moving you to another hospital that is capable of dealing with your head injuries. Don’t move, don’t speak, just breath and you will be fine.” A person came rushing in, “The elevator is on hold let’s get her out of here. It will go to the top most floor and then down.”

My bed suddenly started racing in a direction I didn’t know. All the doctor’s and nurse’s talking and shouting started filling the air around me. The elevator was at the end of the hall so it was about a ten second race at our speed. We got into the elevator and I heard the doors close. The elevator went up and then down. When we were at the ground floor the door opened and then the bed started moving again. “Clear the way, clear the way. Keep the legs and arm fastened, if the pain gets too much we could have another violent episode.” The bed was still cruising and I could hear people around me moving back as we sped through. “What’s happening, what’s wrong with that person?” were the questions flying around. I started shaking myself vigorously. After all, I had to play along with the plan so that it would look like what they were saying was true. The nurse called out, “Doctor, she’s getting violent again! I doubt the morphine is working. Should I increase the dosage?” from what I could tell, Henry was enjoying this. “No, don’t increase the dosage. Just pray that we can get her to surgery before she goes into shock.” We kept on moving until we stopped. I heard a door open and my bed fell down abruptly and then it was lifted and pushed forward. Someone entered into the ambulance with me and then the doors closed. A siren started filling the air as the ambulance started to cruise out of the hospital grounds. The sheet covering me was removed and I felt hands reach to the back of my head as they removed the bandage around my head. Soon enough, I could see again but I wish I could have seen something better than a laughing doctor. The ambulance was rushing somewhere and all we could do was remain cooped at the back like a bunch of freshly canned sardines. “Sorry for the episode, that was the only way to get you out of there with little suspicion. By the time they figure out what happened, no one will know where you are.” I looked at him and thought, “Who is driving?” He looked at me with intrigue, “What’s on your mind Jun?” I sat up and stretched my hands while shifting my gaze to him. “You say no one will know where we are going but who is driving?” The ambulance had a little window linking the driver’s section to the back of the ambulance. A voice came in from the driver “We are almost there doctor. Hold on a bit!” I had an even bigger face of puzzle sticking out as I didn’t recognise the voice of the man who spoke. Henry cut in, “Oh June, that’s Elvis, he is an undertaker at a local funeral parlour. He is taking care of your dad’s body. He is a friend of both your father and I so you can trust him. I asked the hospital director to borrow the ambulance so that I could sneak you out. Considering what happened last time, she agreed but on the condition that I could get a driver she trusted. So who can she trust more than the man who handles more bodies than her hospital per year?” Elvis laughed after hearing the last part and slowed down the car as he turned right. “We are here Jun, if the directions my dear doctor gave me are not wrong!” Henry looked shocked by the joke as he waited for the car to stop. The vehicle came to a stop and it felt like we were in some alleyway. Henry opened the back doors of the ambulance and stepped out. I got out after him and tried to get a sense of direction with respect to where I was. Elvis remained inside the vehicle and called me to come to the driver’s window. “You are the daughter of a friend of mine. No matter what he did or didn’t do, I will always be a loyal friend. Take care of yourself and let me know if you ever need company. Even the walking dead are known to talk once in a while.” The window rolled up and I took it as my cue to leave. Henry was waiting behind the ambulance and he took me by the hand and led me down the alley to an old door. He took out a bunch of keys and used the longest to open the door. The door screeched as it opened and he looked at me sarcastically, “ladies first I presume.” I walked in and he followed me closing the door with a soft hand as if he was trying to keep silence as a golden virtue in my ascent to freedom. He went ahead of me and started climbing the stairs immediately in front of us. I followed after him trying to avoid getting lost. The place looked so old. Gold light spanned the stairs as we went up. Dead flowers in flower pots that last saw water the day Noah stepped out of the ark were placed awkwardly on the stairs. The sounds of rats fighting for mussels (?check spelling) of food were heard time and time again, echoing like the voices of times past in my dreams. We had climbed at least three floors. He then took his bunch of keys and looked for the smallest bronze key and held it. He started walking down a hall to the right of the staircase to a room at the end of the hall, apartment 309. He stopped at the door and inserted the key and held the door knob for a few seconds. He turned the door knob and pushed the door in. He pressed a light switch just next to the door and the room became visible. It was a pure bachelor pad if I had to comment. A couch and TV in the lounge, a dining room combined with a kitchen and a bedroom and bathroom down a small passage to my left. I was looking at all this while my head was peering through the door. I finally summoned myself and walked into the apartment.

The place looked comfy, homely even but I was a bit terrified about the entire look of the place. It looked like Henry had cleaned it anticipating my arrival and brought in some few things to make my stay comfortable. Henry grew tired of my selective viewing and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the apartment and closed the door. “Down there is your bedroom with all the stuff I managed to take from your house. The bathroom is next to it and don’t worry it is clean. This is the leisure zone comprising of a kitchen and lounge. I fitted a small dining room for the sake of retaining some sense of sanity with respect to the entire essence of it being the home of a woman for the next foreseeable future. The kitchen is crammed with food. Toiletries and other bathroom essentials are in the bathroom. The rest of anything you will need is in your bedroom so do take time to get acquainted with everything in here. I wouldn’t want you panicking thinking that some biochemical conundrum is under your bed when it’s just your provisions. Now Jun, don’t ever leave this place, I will come and check on you and I will stay in touch. In your bedroom is a cell phone. I will use it to contact you so keep it with you always. Don’t trust anyone out there, a lot of people want your head so until this rolls over, stay here!” Henry stood up and I looked at him with thanks in my eyes but fear in my heart. He took his bunch of keys and removed the small bronze key from the bunch and placed it on the table. He walked towards the door and turned to look at me as he left. “This is time to rest. You have a war ahead of you. Don’t do anything stupid Jun.” He closed the door and I felt him walking down the hall and then his footsteps disappeared as he went down the stairs. I sat on the couch looking at my new surroundings, clueless of what to say or think.

I so wished mommy or daddy were with me, I was so lost! I breathed out and grabbed the key on the table. I stood up and walked towards the door. I locked the door and walked around my new home. I approached one of the three windows in the room and looked outside. I did not recognise where I was, there were men standing on the corner exchanging cigarettes and drinking what looked like water, “But why would people bunch up to drink water by the corner of a street?” I asked myself. I moved away from the window fearing someone would see and recognise me. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were a lot of things but what took my attention was a chocolate bar. I took it out and unwrapped it as I walked towards the bedroom. I entered the bedroom and my heart was startled a bit. The siren of the ambulance downstairs started ringing and it echoed off the buildings into the deepest crevices of my brain. My heart bound; blood raced in my veins as if I had just come from seeing a scary monster. I heard the vehicle accelerate as it went on its away, the siren fading into nothing along the way. I summoned myself and looked around the room. The closet was full of my stuff and a little radio was next to the bed on a bed stool. A white light shone through little windows at the top of the wall facing the street below. I approached a bigger window on the wall and looked outside. There was an alley way and a department store immediately in front of me. I moved from the window and walked towards the bathroom. I peeped into the bathroom and it looked ordinary; shower, toilet and a basin to wash everything that could fit in it. A mirror was on the wall and I felt the urge to walk towards it. As I came to see myself in the mirror, I saw the healing scar on my face. I touched it and started having flashbacks of how it came to be. I quickly raced out of the bathroom and into the lounge. I sat on the couch and saw the TV remote right in front of me on the table. I took it and switched on the TV. A talk show was on but I wasn’t in the mood to see it. I switched to cartoons and I soon found myself drifting to sleep, something that I had dreaded doing but as an involuntary force of nature, sleep had its hours of control.


Tick, tick, tick, like the sound of a coin rolling down the stairs here was a reality shaping itself around me. I opened my eyes to see my nemesis standing before me with a huge grin on his face. I was lying on a hospital bed and felt quite awkward. I tried to get up but only managed to raise my head a bit. I looked down to my feet and saw that I was naked. Being in my birthday suit in front of a man was not exactly a prized experience on my list but it was quite evident that I had no control over it. My arms and feet where bound to the bed and all I could do was feel awkward and violated. He walked closer to me and hissed slightly. A voice came from behind him, “Jonah, she is now ours. Make sure she enjoys this.” A woman came from behind him and she had hideous and disturbing beauty. At all, the scent of evil was dripping off her skin like the scent of immorality drips from the saliva of a prostitute. She walked towards me, clad in black and sat next to me. She touched my wound and looked me in the eyes. A deep chill went through me and I felt cold and numb inside. “I am Sylvanas, matriarch of this dimension to which you are a prisoner and slave. For long a time you have plagued me but now you are mine.” She stood up and walked away slowly becoming nothing. Her voice came from nowhere “Do not disappoint me Jonah, do your work.” Jonah approached me and stood motionless with intent eyes. “Now you know my name, now know my hand!” Jonah was about to do something but I never imagined he would be such a hurtful hand unto my bones. He reached out his right hand and touched my face. My skin and facial flesh completely dried up momentarily as if I was a mummified Egyptian. I felt corruption so real and rotten upon my face that even the stench of my own breath harboured the corruption of rotten cremated flesh. He removed his hand from me and I felt human again, my face felt normal again but his hand had a deepening darkness in it. He laughed and then touched my head. A pounding crippling pain raced into my head from all directions and for a few seconds I felt as if my head was going to completely explode off my shoulders. Throbbing and pounding, I felt no peace until he removed his hand and my head became normal again. I was breathing so fast I was beginning to gasp for every breath of air I could get. He moved one step down towards my feet and stretched his hand over my torso. I started to wrestle, trying to free myself from the bed before he could land his hand on me. But the more I tried to set myself free, the tighter the grip that was holding me would become. Jonah did to me things I never imagined real and the mental scars he left on made Frankenstein stories look like childhood comic stories that were meant to put little kids to sleep. At that moment, he touched my breasts and they turned into heaps of rotting maggots. The smell was so foul and so inhuman that I felt the urge to vomit. He smiled at me as he was doing this and I felt like such a slave! He lifted his hand and put it into his pocket. He paused for a second and smiled again. “Jonah, please don’t do this, stop it! You are hurting me Jonah!” He smiled even more and pulled something out of his pocket. He pulled out a little worm like snake and looked me with both eyes. “Now this is a treat, after this you shall not be able to bear offspring so enjoy.” With the snake in hand, he touched my belly and I felt the snake enter into my womb through my belly button. I screamed so hard I woke up in the process and found myself gasping for air as I chocked on my saliva. I rushed to the bathroom to look into the mirror. Nothing had changed on my face and my head was intact so I breathed out in relief but such is the life of man that joy is only short lived. I couldn’t understand what was going on but slowly I was beginning to think I was being given the curse of the damned, to live, suffer and die with no peace, no peace at all!


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