Quote of the day: 2011-11-11(Common Sense)

My mother told me something once and i think your mother said this as well, “common sense is no so common.” The basis upon which common sense is assumed actually is a very dangerous assumption. The assumption is that everyone can put two and two together, can differentiate right from wrong, can understand and interpret situations using basic arithmetic and reasoning. One can never assume too much about another human being until it has been quantified that indeed the person in discussion is capable. Overestimation of ones abilities is a signed check for destruction.

Ah, i have just written something there 🙂 I have had a few instances in my life where i can be so out of touch and out of focus that even seeing the simplest of things becomes so hard and i fail to apply simple logic. The dead zones as i like to call them are common across all people but there are some of us who are constantly in a dead zone where common sense seems to be a concept long defeated. At times i have termed it as ignorance but it seems that common sense and applying it is something that is silently nurtured in you as you grow and it can be missed completely until you get to adulthood. One cannot see the immediate impact of choices and implications of words said. Common sense is the first stop that allows you to see the almost immediate consequences of any decision you want to make.

One very good example of lack of common sense is a person who when there is a power outage, uses his laptop and exhausts the battery while watching movies and playing music when he knows he has an assignment to do and he needs his laptop to do it. Because of a lack of immediate foresight, lack of common sense will shift that person to a stage of being a burden as he has to go and forage for power to do his assignment when he could have used his battery and it would have sufficed. Another one which happened not too long ago was, a woman was walking with her daughter at the side of a road while trying to get a taxi to stop. As they were walking the daughter was in her right hand and right next to the road. Out of nowhere came a car and it swerved out of the road and completely obliterated the little girl leaving the mother in a unexplainable shock. The lawyer who told me this story actually highlighted that the judge said “ma’am, common sense would have told you to either walk away from the edge of the road or to put your daughter in your left hand and you be the one next to the road. Of course it didn’t matter now, vehicular manslaughter had taken place either way!

Maybe because of a fear of responsibility, a fear of acknowledging the impact of decision we end up not wanting to apply even the most common of instincts. Common sense has saved me a number of times especially when it comes to some of the more stupid things in life! Just this week as i was driving to work i had a taxi trailing me so close i felt very uncomfortable so i slowed down and he swept past me. I had the thought he might just drag me into an accident at this rate, so i let him pass and a few miles down the road he was in an accident and got traffic to stall for a bit as it involved 3 cars. I did not need a degree in rocket science to apply common sense there.

“If you have never learnt the application of common sense, you might want to learn, this is one thing that can be learnt at any age. You never know when it is going to keep you from destroying your life” # Russell Mazonde



11 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-11(Common Sense)

  1. Wow Russell, You impress me much. This post really touches on the fundamentals that are soo easily ignored. Common sense is sound judgement if you operate with a “Sound mind”. But not everyone has a “sound mind”. That is the irony of common sense.

    1. Thank you nighshade. I impress myself too at times, but you impress me more :). The irony that is common sense. its just amazing how simple stuff is always the stuff that screws us over

  2. My little brother likes to say, “Common sense is not common to the senseless” Proverbs 3:21-22, “My child, do not lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them, for they will refresh your souls, they are jewels on a necklace.

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