Crawling Moments: Preface

In loving memory of Belana. If it was not for her pursuit in discovering the good in others, this story would be a tale from my imagination. A person regained her life because of your undying love. Rest in eternal peace my dear friend.

Life can be awkwardly funny and it can be tragically sad. Either way it has a way of presenting extreme situations in extreme ways. This is a story of a girl who lived a life of not knowing who she was in a world that wanted to kill her. Through the eyes of the beholder; the emotions, tragic events, loves found and lost, discouragements and torments are told to one who would have the heart to listen. Juniper Trinity Rose Miles tells the story of how her life collapsed in a split second and how her ignorance almost took her life. She narrates how the persevering love of friends and pure strangers saved her life from certain death. She relives her crawling moments in a world that wanted her head for the sins of her father. She enlightens on how she found special people who through time stood with her to see her through her dark days and how in the end, everyone needs to know who they are and be able to stand alone without others around them.


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