Crawling Moments: Chapter 2(Last breakfast )

(Cell phone rings). Daddy, your phone is ringing. Daddy!!!!!! (Juniper answers). Hello, this is Pastor Edward Miles phone how can I help you? Good morning ma’am, this is Detective Scott Anderson from police headquarters, we would like to have a word with Mr. Miles. Can I ask what it is in connection with Detective? I am not at liberty to disclose such information ma’am but he is under investigation. (Juniper’s father walks in and snatches the phone). Good morning, who am I talking to? This is Detective Scott Anderson, is this Mr Miles? Yes it is; what can I do for you? Mr. Miles we would like you to come down town for questioning. What is this in connection with detective if I may ask? We would prefer we talk once you are here. A hint detective Anderson, you can give me that! Ok Mr. Miles, we have reason to believe that you are being framed for the fraud of at least 76 million dollars from a charity fund run by your church as well as at least 45 million dollars from your investment company “Glo-Vest”. All the evidence we have is circumstantial so we would like for you to come and shed some light on this case as soon as possible. (Silence on the phone) Mr. Miles, are you there, Mr. Miles? “Y-y-y-y-y-e-e-s Detective I am here. I have a morning service I am leading from 8 to 10 am. Can I first go there and then come through to see you? “It’s ok Mr. Miles, we have a squad car waiting outside your house right now with two officers, they will accompany you to your service and then bring you here once you are done.” “Ok, detective, see you then.”(Call ends)

“Daddy, what was that about, the detective said you were-” “You never answer my phone Juniper; do I make myself clear? Never, never, never!” “I was just trying to help daddy.” “Never Jun, it’s out of the question.” “Why are you so cagey daddy, what are you hiding?” “Knock it off Jun; I am not in the mood for your questions today.” “I don’t care dad, you are hiding something and the last time you hid something from me, mom ended up dying. Tell me now, what is going on, why are the police calling you? Is that why there is a police car outside?” “Jun, shut up! You are way over your head. Mind your own damn business and keep out of mine okay! Where is the damn coffee? All I ask is for coffee in the morning not a damn 3rd degree from a pesky daughter who thinks she knows a lot!” “If you had bothered to look in front of you dad you would have seen that I poured you a cup already. Gosh you are as blind as mom left you, always cagey, always cagey! Be like that dad, see if I care. I will see you at church and I hope by then you would have gotten rid of that cagey nature of yours.” (Front door slams shut and car reverses out of the drive way).

“Oh gosh Jun, I am sorry, I am so sorry! This time, this time there is no going back, I messed up!” (Starts crying). “I messed up Trin, I am sorry!” (Knock on the door) “Good morning Mr. Miles! We have been sent to bring you in and have been informed to accompany you to a church service then bring you to HQ so if you would please hurry up, we don’t have a lot of time.” “Ok officer; let me just go to my study I need to grab some documents from my safe. Be out in a flash!” (gunshot sound)

I was asleep, in a virtual dimension where time existed in its own unlimited existence. Time here was in abundance and even abundance itself knew not where the time would end, it was not rushing anywhere. My head was feeling light, as if a vacuum now existed where my mind (brain?) once was. My virtual dimension felt as if my existence had been confined to a place of nothingness where all I could do was relive my last memory of the last moment. “3rd Degree”, “Coffee”, “Cagey”, “Knock it off”, those words were racing through my mind, slow motion videos clips of my last moments with my father were playing over and over. I tried to move my body but the more I tried to move the more I felt that my being had assumed the nature of my new virtual dimension. Moving a finger made me feel as if I was nothing, knowing not where I started or where I ended. Just like the time of the dimension, I was ruled by the rules of nothingness that were dominant here. I was just a prisoner in a comatose existence that had no other reason for existence than that of introducing me to the nothingness and emptiness that would soon dominate my conscious state of existence. The more I tried to awaken the deeper I got; like the quicksand of a desert plane, the harder you fight the quicker you sink. Pictures of the moment my father shot himself spun around me as if they had been brought into orbit around me by a gravitational pull emitted by my crazed mind. Gunshot sounds came from nowhere and began to fill the stale air of emptiness in the dimension. Echoing and bouncing off nonexistent walls, bombarding me with ear shattering noises of mourning and despair. They were shattering my bones with each and every echo, slowly eroding the calcium off my frame; eroding it away like the granules of stone from a behemoth rock as the rain and sun weather them away over passing centuries. Why were gunshot sounds all over me? “Daddy, I am sorry we fought in the morning”. My voice echoed into the distant horizon, going into a deeper dimension of nothing with no hope of coming back. My heart, broken into pieces, the pieces lay next to me, glowing red like pieces of charcoal. I had lost all reason; all I had, the sanity of my mind was no longer a guarantee. “Jun, your hair is a tragic event my love, come I fix it for you”. My mom’s chilled and stern voice came into hearing. So many voices were speaking, echoing off walls and bombarding my ears. My hand moved itself and touched my face and I felt the open scar left by my impact into the wooden arm rest. It was a deep gap across my right cheek and I felt a searing pain racing through my body. I felt the depths of my spine as the pain raced through it, the entire dimension was attached to my spine. The dimension silenced as my voice roared out in pain and its very foundations shook. I gasped for air but found none. My hand touched the scar again and more horrific pain raced through my spine. I cried out in pain and the dimension quaked at the magnitude of my cry. The voices of my past, my mother’s voice, my father’s voice, cried out with me and I began to feel the dimension disappearing. I was awakening but I felt that the chaos dimension was going to be my home for many a time to come.

“Juniper, Juniper, can you hear me? Juniper, can you hear me?” A faint voice came into hearing; I could feel my body, my fingers and my toes. I tried to open my eyes but a bright white light came straight into my eyes and I shut my eyes. “Juniper, thank God you are awake, you are at the Mainland hospital. Your have been out for at least four days now.” “Four days? How did I get here? Why does my face hurt?” “You were brought in by an ambulance; you smashed your face into an armrest when your shoe heel broke.” “Shoe heel……. Daddy, where is daddy?” I tried to move my body and I saw that I had been restrained to my bed. “Why am I tied to this bed, where is daddy?” “Your father passed away four days ago. We tied you to this bed because you were hallucinating and you were posing a great risk to yourself so we had to sedate you. You assaulted a nurse as she was trying to adjust you head rest so we had to bind you to your bed and sedate you.” “I threatened someone? How come I can’t remember all of this?” “You were hallucinating when you woke up and you were very unstable. You weren’t in your right mind so I doubt you will remember immediately. It’s good that you are awake but we have pumped an anti biotic into your body to fight bacteria that had entered your system through your facial cut. You need to be sedated for a few more hours for it to wear off. I am sorry but I have to put you back to sleep.” “No doctor, please don’t send me back there, don’t send me back to that…that chaos dimension. Please don’t send me back there.” “Don’t worry Jun, they are just dreams, you will be back in no time.” I felt a foreign substance come in through the drip needle in my hand. I started dosing off and I felt my spine being stretched as the dimension was attaching itself back onto my spine. My eyes closed and all sense of reality became like an inkjet print that had been immersed in water, slowly discolouring and fading away to nothing. I was back, back at a place hell gladly called brother!


2 thoughts on “Crawling Moments: Chapter 2(Last breakfast )

  1. wow….the father saw no way out and took the easy way out. Suicide is a tragic when it doesn’t end at death because those who suffer are those who were left behind. Very moving. I will continue to read on when you update.

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