Quote of the day: 2011-11-09(King of the hill)

What happens to a simple soul when he or she is given a post at work? They suddenly become obnoxious, hard to tolerate and always want to prove that they are the boss. In our office we secretly call this King of the hill mentality. Its dangerous because 90% of the time the king of the hill does not know how to do their job or even understand what the other peoples job’s are. The problem with king of the hill is that it does not promote a teachable attitude because no one wants to associate with a king of the hill.

Its not always wise to want to rail road everyone and fuss over small stupid things because it exposes really how out of touch you are. Though this article seems to be biased to the work place it applies everywhere in life, friends, class or even at home. At least at home they are forced to tolerate you because you are of the same blood but outside your home door the worldΒ  won’t.

Always remember that no matter how good you think you are at your job, there is someone way better than you are somewhere. With that in mind you should always try to be humble when around other people so that you can find favor and all can go well for you. King of the hill creates problems you cannot handle once they explode.


#####Russell Mazonde#####


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-09(King of the hill)

      1. Don’t worry Russell, there is a ladder principle that I will always remember. For those that climb high up…if they don’t have anybody below them to catch them when they fall…that means they’ve pissed them all off along they way, lest we forget. haha πŸ˜€

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