Quote of the day: 2011-11-07(Titles)

This weekend i almost got angry after realizing how many young women have married and are now divorced and they are left with a child to fend for while the guy goes and finds somewhere else to spread his seeds. Like for real you can live with yourself after you do that to a woman? I am sorry i am not like you, divorce is not an option for me! I want to see my kids around me, i want to see my wife smile and to know that no matter what happens i have people to care for and they care for me.

Are you for real, is the term man just a title, are you just going to stand there and tell me that you can live with yourself. Yes tell me there were reasons, tell me it was beyond your control but also tell me you will sleep well knowing your little girl is going to wake up everyday knowing mommy as the only man and woman in the house. Tell me with a straight eye that you will live with yourself, carry the title and conceive a child again. I cannot, i am sorry no, i will stick it out to the end because divorce will never be an option. Why did you ask for her hand? Why did you ask for her to marry you when you knew you would walk away?

Are you just a walking title, no substance at all? Do not say ladies are a problem, you make them a problem with the way you treat them. Now she is not even in her golden years and she has a divorce on her resume. Did you know no one will touch her because of that? She will have to fight harder than you to get a home for herself again. Do you know the grief you put her through, unlike you she cries well into the night and stops talking to people. You go to the bar and drink it off while you are eying your next target. She is a bad mother? No, you never became a good father, one she could learn from on how to be a good parent. Do not blame her, do not point at her because you are just a title, you are not willing to act but willing to judge.

“You are no better than a rock that knows it needs the shade for it not to crack but sits in the sun all day because of laziness” # Russell Mazonde


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-07(Titles)

  1. My My My well said. I can feel the heat on this one. You made some good points, I must say. I don’t believe in divorce myself. I’m loving the quote as well the message behind it. Such wisdom. God Bless:)

  2. Unfortunately, it is quite common here in Canada to have single parent families because of this. It’s funny that you touched on this topic because I was just writing about False Humility and some of these men fit this profile. I’m glad you posted this because those who love “titles” have patterns of behavior that do such things that destroy other people’s lives. It’s a very sad state of affairs. Divorce should not be an option….but that doesn’t stop people from separating anyway.

  3. Gosh, you have super wisdom and feelings about this. Yeah, here is the U.S. it’s the “norm” I got married young and divorced young and my daughter is doing super. My ex was not worth wasting anymore time on, it’s how he is. He is always “looking” and for what he probably doesn’t even know.
    I’m happy now with my life and all is calmer so it worked out.

    1. I know hey, someone quite close to me by blood had the same thing happen to her. At least she didn’t have a child but the time after the divorce tore me inside considering the hell she went through. No man has the right to do this to a woman. I am really happy you have worked out. Like her you are also doing good now. πŸ™‚

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