Quote of the day: 2011-11-04(Touched!)

I got this email today from someone i have influenced so much and not because i chose to but because i just lived in my natural sense and she was watching a lot 🙂

“ok.. so i was just looking at why i started talking to you.. well, why i started texting you. and i must say that that was not so clear to me.but then i knew i had been driven or the right word in this case would be inspired..

just like when you step out of a comfort zone. you will experience a lot of things but one of the important things is growth. i have managed to get to know a bit of you through your books and thru talking to you.and i realized that you are no ordinary person. of course you can be quite unpredictable and hard to understand, but it has been quite a journey for me. before, i used to view the world as being black and white. i had to understand everything and relate to everything and be able to handle nearly all. but then i have come to realize that being human is the inability at times to be able to do any of the above. and the beauty then of being a christian is that God can do it all and even more through us.

its true that i really wanted to be your friend. make an impact and forever remember myself for having been friends with you. but then i realized there is more to his than just being friends. especially when i read the story of Corey. you know at some point and time i thought that i had experienced nearly all there was to experience when it came to emotions. i really thought that all i needed to do was relate but that i had been there and sometimes still was there. but even as you have been taking me and guiding me, amongst other people i began to have a different perspective. maybe i had overestimated a lot of things.

it feels that with each day, my eyes are being opened and i am able to see that the world has other colors; blue, pink, red yellow etc. all beautiful colors by the way.

no doubt this has been a very emotional journey for you and needless it has taken a lot for you to go through this. but if there is anything that i have come to appreciate and love about you is your resilience and will power and ability to stand by what you believe in despite the number of people who might oppose it. of course you are no super hero. you are just a human but also an inspiration to me.

you have been a part of my change and growing up. a part of the inward growth that i am experiencing at this moment. and as i continue in my journey; life, i cant help but wonder all the beautiful things that i might have missed just because i was not able to look beyond the veils and curtains.

i don’t know if you have ever experienced that feeling whereby someone can say one simple thing but then in your mind, it unlocks so many things and you begin to see differently.well, that has what has happened. so thank you Shady if i may call u that. thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty and powerful way.

may HE continue to be your all in all and may HE continue to guide you and provide your every need.

this is not quite the same as what i wrote. its a different wave of inspiration. but i hope you can make sense of it and be able not only to read it, but to read what i might not have been able to say; what is hidden between the lines as they say.

take care of yourself and stay blessed.

I am quite touched by this because 90 percent of the time i never try to influence anyone. Most of the time i am figuring things out as i go and trying to live what i am learning everyday. I do not have a quote today but i just want to say that though at times it seems that in your own eyes you are failing and stumbling, someone else is looking and wondering how you have achieved what you have achieved. We are all heroes to each other, and students to one another.


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