Quote of the day: 2011-11-03(You, me and feelings!)

Most of my friends will raise an eyebrow to this but i only have one thing to say to them, “i am human you know :)” I grew up with a certain doctrine that was pounded into me from birth. “Emotions and feelings are a sign of weakness# Linos Mazonde” That’s my dad by the way and to me that was something that got enough ground to build a civilization of its own. Emotions have always been hard for me, well back in the day at least. I was afraid of feeling anything because i would feel weak and inferior. It didn’t mean i did not feel anything but it meant i suppressed everything to the point where it looked like i didn’t feel anything. Time has changed and the error of ignorance has been noted. It is entirely human to feel emotions, it is actually quite advisable to have them, just don’t be ruled by them some say.

I have had a sequence of fortunate events where i have had rich opportunity to explore emotions, how feelings work without boundaries. I noted once that i was very emotionally immature and now i am growing one step at a time. I like what i feel inside now, when i help someone, when i meet a special someone and we just talk. Even when i just have to look at her there are feelings rushing inside and that’s all new to me and its a journey. Being human though i caught the bus in the middle of the bush is a great privilege.  I was just thinking about how it is so important to have the aspect of emotions and feelings in life, to achieve a balance of sorts for healthy living.

I am no wiseman when it comes to this, quite the student but speaking from experience:

“one does not need cement to change a man of flesh into stone, just make the man ignorant to emotions and feelings and the balance of a sound mind and he is no different from a stone# Russell Mazonde”


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-03(You, me and feelings!)

  1. Stone cold huh? Sadly that’s how some people choose to behave. In fact, it ends up becoming a habit with the constant behaviour. It then translates into their personality and that drives people away from them. Learning to understand why we feel the way we do sometimes can go a long way!

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