Quote of the day: 2011-11-01(Judgement and Judges)

I am no stranger to Judges, my father is a barrister and his friends are barristers. The moment you walk in they start judging you and presenting evidence to support their claims. Of course they are just having fun with me but not everyone i have met is having fun with me. Some are actually serious, they are judging and condemning me.  Why would you spend time judging me, condemning me and castigating me? Humans have this thing of seeing wrong in others and being king of the hill as they lay down the law. I have seen that most judges cannot handle being judged.Judges are insecure, incapable of seeing the wrong and imperfection in their lives, have god complexes and lack one thing for other people and that’s love!

Ever thought what happens when you judge someone. Judgement destroys ones love, ones vision, ones resolve and ones character. Unlike people like me who can shrug off judgment, most will be crushed by it. The judge with the log in his eye will never see that indeed the person they judge is just like them, an imperfect soul on the way to perfection. Despise not the making of a perfect man for in the end there is peace. I literally hate it when people judge other people because in the end we are no better or no worse than each other. I was judged everywhere i went because no one could understand me, church camps, meetings, class and walking home everyone made it clear they thought i was demon possessed or a snake and no one should associate with me. At first it affected me until i realised something:

“People who are threatened by you are your biggest critics because inside themselves they see an inadequacy they cannot address and lack courage to confront. They would rather spend time feeling good about inflating your inadequacy than confronting their own because in a sense they lack that which they admire in you. You are only a threat to an enemy if you yourself view yourself as one!” #Russell Mazonde


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-11-01(Judgement and Judges)

  1. I will quote from my subscriber Jontae who said in one of his posts that “there is a thin line between righteousness and SELF-righteousness”. It all goes back to Jesus who said if none of you have never sinned then be the one to cast the first stone to the adulterer. It’s easy to maximize on peoples weaknesses to divert oneself from reflecting on their own. People have a way of weighing their sins with another as lessor than the other when really, sin is sin; weakness is weakness no matter how much you try to weigh it…Condemning another doesn’t absolve you of you own and this is the type of thing that I find wrong even within the body of Christ; in fact, everywhere people cast judgement. I really love your last quote “You are only a threat to an enemy if you yourself view yourself as one!”. People who cannot confront themselves confront those that can.People should stop avoiding looking into the mirror. Unfortunately, these are the stumbling blocks you’ll meet in life. I remember feeling that way a few years ago…and I was wounded but in the end…you have to rise above the criticism and get moving because condemnation only has one purpose and that is to thwart your destiny and keep you from rising above your weaknesses and halts you from becoming stronger and pressing on towards the goal. – Sorry I talk to much. (bad habit). Thanks for posting this :).

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