Thought of the day: 30-11-2011(Serious)

I think this weeks lesson for me was how people should learn to take certain things in their lives seriously. I have seen that there are some know it all’s in this world, people who cannot be corrected. They can make a mess of things and still have time to lie and ponder a way out of their predicament. At times their arrogance is the most offensive of all, speaking like they did no wrong! Ignorance is bliss they say but i say it is the virtue of the walking dead. My mom always said “you are dead, not worth living if the word sorry does not exist in your vocabulary”.

Circumstances differ but life deserves a serious approach and not a half baked one. Life can become a tragic mistake in less than a minute because of a immature approach to it. My sisters advise in her exact words if i remember correctly. Of course this is coming from a sequence of events i cannot discuss but its just food for thought because wherever you are, if you fail to take a serious approach to matters that concern you, your life and your destiny, do not be surprised when they fail.

perhaps you should read this again

But alas, not everyone likes being mature about life

“Do not fight stupid with stupid, stupid will always be stupid” # Sandra F Mazonde

24 Years of age today!

At 2000hrs on the 29th of November 1987, she felt it, he was coming! He had waited for 9 months, but could not wait anymore. He was kicking and punching and screaming and she knew he wanted out! On that day I was born, loud as ever and kicking like i was on fire. I never cherished my birthday because i grew up only knowing my mothers and siblings love. I started school a year early and my mother fought hard to put me and my siblings through school.

We wondered why she didn’t take us places, why she didn’t buys us fancy stuff. We made her cry at times when we wanted stuff but she couldn’t afford because she could only take care of the basics, school fees, place to live, clothes and food. Where was my dad, at the bar with his friends! I see it now mom, i would not be the person i am if you had had things different for us all.

Has my life been simple, no! Grew up in a really messed up way but thank God he is who he is, takes trash like me and fixes it. I have never cherished my birthday, because i never felt loved but these last 2 years have been special because now i have friends, i have family and i have God. I marvel looking at what has changed and what hasn’t. I still need work on the emotional front really! You know i stammer when i am around a girl i really like? Yah most people see me as this invincible titan but truth be told i am as much human as everyone else and my vices are the most interesting.

Russell, you are 24! Can you believe it! Nah i cant Russell, its really just quite amazing. I have to thank God, my Victorious. I might seem like i am joking but i am crying as i am writing this. Thank you God for taking me from that evil place i was in and giving me peace. After all that rejection, hatred, anger you still came and saved me. Thank you God. Tribute to all my closest friends, Michelle Ngwarai, Herbert “Attonbitus” Nyakutsikwa, Samantha Jose Pontack, Sandra “Captain Caveman” Ramehwa, Tatenda Randy Mutambirwa, Peter Tsai, I have never asked for much from God. My first prayer was for me to have friends i could count on, friends who would stay with me on my death bead. I am thankful he gave me you guys. You tolerate a lot from me at times and i am thankful for your patience. Thanks for coming into my life!

Thank you to my 2 favorite bloggers Nightshade and PoeticJourney, you haven’t known me for long but you are a bundle of joy i look forward to hearing from every morning. Thanks for helping me along the way with blogging and writing. Do try to behave, we might have a guest today! Great respect to Tarisai or tsizzles as you guys call him. I met this guy a while ago and if he imparted one thing into me it is the desire to find knowledge and have the power to use it. He is a great motivator and a very sensible person. Thank you Tarisai for all those years in the courtyard and now that we are on the blogging journey, thanks for being invaluable in your advise.

A big shout out to my two siblings, Sandra Mazonde and Farai Mazonde. I am glad i got to see my sister after 10 years, i best watch what i saw because i have a growing list of things she wants to hit me for. I haven’t seen my brother Farai in 9 years now. Never take for granted having your siblings around, you will miss them when they are far away.These were the first of my friends on this planet. The ones i fought with everyday, shared good and bad times and all the other stuff in-between.

I could go on and if i didn’t mention you, don’t think i don’t cherish you in my life. I will get to you today! What is my wish you ask? Hmm, never take for granted when i say that i want to be a good dad to my children. I don’t want to set wild expectations but i want to be there when they start crawling, on the first prize at school, first bicycle ride, first sickness, first memory, first crush, first day at school, first day at high school, first denial by a girl (father well experienced here so advise is invaluable :)), first recognition in life. I want to be there for it all, i want to be there for french homework where both of us will get closed and write Russian instead of french. I want to be there for my children, i want to be there when they come into this world, to look into their little eyes, to be chocked by my wife as she delivers the baby. I want to create memories and not wait for them to happen. I want to be there when we go fishing and a crocodile swallows the car keys (how convenient, i got chased by one!). I want to be there, because i never experienced it! I want to be a good dad, i want to let my children know i would stop at nothing to see them safe and happy. Because in the beginning, i didn’t have all of that from my father!

Second wish, hmm you might be lucky! There is that special someone :). She calls me a monkey because i can be so dumb and silly at times. You might get a glimpse of her today, or maybe not. I like for her to do things at her own pace! Behave y’all if she comes! She makes me feel all tingly inside, like i am a kid again. I love how she talks, and she makes me feel. Her names is******* ha ha, lol gotcha, i ain’t snitching! The wish is for her life to go well, so she can find peace, comfort and joy because she deserves all of it. :-$. She has found me so one avenue is taken care of 🙂 lol.

Third wish, I want to see all my siblings here for Christmas next year.

Fourth Wish, all my friends join me for lunch on saturday for nandos chicken, my treat

Fifth wish, i manage to publish my books by end of next year.

Sixth wish, for all of you people who have taken time to remember me in this day to know that you are the best thing that happened to me in my life. Never take it for granted because you have no idea what i was and what i am now. You are my heroes and i wish all well for you. I wish you well in all that you seek to do and pray for blessing upon your life.

Last wish, my parents find the grace of the lord!

Thank you all, let me stop because emotions are overwhelming me! Thank you all for your love. I don’t know how to repay you all for the change you brought into my life.

Thought of the day: 2011-11-28(Burden)

It is almost a common occurrence that there are people who like being a burden to others, not because they are incapable but because they view it as fashionable or they demand some form of attention. It is quite easy to have an identity dependent on other people and thus becoming entirely dependent on other people for some form of structure.

I am no stranger to people who like being a burden, people who think they must bug other people with nonsense simply because they are not mature in terms of really knowing when to call on other people and when to man up to their situations and deal with them. Please do not think i am dismissing the need of interdependence between people but i must refute the basis upon which total dependance establishes a heavy bridge of laziness which one party sees as vital while the other sees it as a burden. I am at most very brutal with people who do not see that they need to be responsible for their lives because i do not like babying stupidity. I would invest time in someone trying to make a change and needs my help than one who needs me to do all the work while they have cake and tea. I am sorry but “grow up, the world does not wait for your laziness”!

This is a tough lesson i learnt from my mother who did no baby any of her children! You have to learn to be proactive in solving your problems if you want people to come in and assist you because not everyone view time as an unimportant object like you do. A person will probably not get tired with you if you are trying instead of when you are not doing anything and if you do become a burden people are less likely to help you in the future even when you really need the help. Being mature is not proving yourself knowledgeable, its showing that you understand how to keep a balance in your life and you have shown you are quite sensible in your approach to life. Even fools have knowledge, they just don’t have the sense to apply it!

How do you communicate in your church, clubs or groups?

Well we use SMS, a bit of email and phone calls between people. But can we tap into technologies and facilities like blogging, whatsapp and Youtube (anything else you might think of as well) to dynamically increase the foot print of the organization we are in so that we can have a greater impact in our atmospheres of influence? Even so what would be the best way to use them, use them just for informative purposes, or for a much more personalized effect where people like senior pastors finally get to talk to members of the congregation in one place without the pulpit? Lets hear some ideas guys.


I am for

1. blogging

2. SMS

3. whatsapp for mobile

4. youtube pages


I never noticed

I only noticed on Thursday how much of a heart i have grown. I went to cell group on Thursday and people were sharing testimonies and this lady gets up. “I have a testimony, I want to thank God for Russell, he took me to the hair salon and paid for me to get a new hairstyle.” She had a really messy hair do and i wanted her to look good so i just did it and forgot about it. Little did i know it would mean the world to her. My cell group members started singing and celebrating, perplexed me really! Then another woman came up “Russell bought my little daughter a line when he heard that she had a cellphone with no line. He bought her credit too.”

I know i am generous, selfless too as i always end up putting people before me but i had never realized how much of a heart i had developed for people. When i do stuff i see a need and want to have it attended to, i had never really looked at the root of all my actions. Truly God is great for he turns the trash of this world into something precious. Quite touched by this!