Quote of the day: 2011-10-31(Confessions)

Words words words! My friend of course, but not even i really understand how this friend of mine can be so powerful at times. A common word from my mouth can have so much impact when released straight from the mouth of another. It does not take the hands of a scientist to switch you into stupid mode! At most its always the choice of words and expression that reveal just how stupid and immature a person is. The confessions of the mouth really are just an existence of their own. We all go through this stage, nothing new right but i for one have had to really consider what i say because i have such a strong power with words and how i manipulate them that i could just easy violate and destroy someone through words. This has been a process of many years now and it is one that is very important to me because:

“The confession of the mouth builds worlds, a habitation of character and hope. If i am to speak without concern you would find that in my confession lies the greatest enemy of good change and that is immaturity. I cannot speak like common man because my tongue and hands hold key to one of the  greatest weapons in existence. I would rather embrace silence for now the confession of my mouth builds worlds in which other people enter and are influenced.” #Russell Mazonde


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