Quote of the day: 2011-10-28(Honor)

Yes the word we hear in a lot of medieval movies like Lord of the Rings and Troy. There is something about the ideal of Honor. I say ideal because it is something not all of us do but hope to do because it does something to our state of mind with respect to how we interact and deal with people. People no matter what size and weakness contribute something to another persons life. Now us being selfish beings at times we are simply stuck on the give me button and never see what other people really do in our lives, how they go out of their way and sacrifice to see a better page in our page called life. I have personally seen this in my friends and my family where they have really twisted an arm and a leg to make me become a better person. I am in general not a selfish person, i love people and i love appreciating people. It was not like so 5 to 10 years down the line where i hated all manner of people in general. But because of such people who endured my brutality against them i became like them; loving, kind and compassionate. Though a lot of people see me as a pillar of strength, one thing they do not realize is that in essence they are my greatest heroes. After gaining much wisdom i said this a few years back

“Celebrate all people, all your heroes! Those who stand for you and those who stand with you. Let them remember you while they still live for in the silence of the grave no memory holds substance except the regret of the living” #Russell Mazonde


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-10-28(Honor)

    1. Life has been kind to me and also has been a nightmare. We all live through a string of expressions, memories and dispositions. How we handle it all determines destiny from misfortune. I get by because i have friends, and people like you who without knowing influence me in subtle ways.

  1. It’s funny how you came up with the same topic that I wrote about a few days ago. Great minds think alike. 😉 I was just thinking that I love how you mentioned heroes in all of this because I think that in the West, we view heroes in the wrong light in that we idolize fantasy over reality. Everyone loves superman but we don’t try to be super ourselves. Having said that we also take people we have around us for granted. As I said before we shouldn’t wait to acknowledge and value others once they’re gone when we can honor them now. Thanks for this post. I believe that God puts such heroes in our lives to show us that He works in us through us and for us. God bless you in your journey.

  2. Yes, this is something to keep in mind when interacting with people, especially those who stick by us no matter what. We become better people because of them. I can’t help but think that those who loved you stuck by your side not only because you were a part of their lives but they knew what you could be. They saw the God in you, so here you are now, spreading the love so that someone else may also come into that realization.

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