Quote of the day: 2011-10-26(Fighters)

People are the most amazing creatures on this planet. There are no bounds to the spirit of a human being. I have always loved how this is shown in movies like Transformers where aliens try to come and take over the planet but these little creatures as small as they are fight back like soldier ants tearing giants just because they wont give up. Though we can drop the sensationalism of Hollywood, it is true in every aspect of a human beings life. Though we fight differently and the levels of courage differ, every human being gets to a point where they have nothing else to do but fight back and that’s where they are most dangerous because even cowards hit where it hurts the most.

I personally knew how to fight for what i wanted since i was a mere child. I do not always want to engage in a battle if there is a far more civilized way of getting to a goal but i am not afraid of fighting to get to the place where i want to go. Put into a corner i will fight to death for what i love and what i want to achieve. If you cannot fight for what you want, what you love and what you desire then i pose one question to you. What are you going to fight for? For the enemy seeks to take all from you and leave you barren. In us all are fighters, individuals who can wage war to get what they want. Smart, shrewd tacticians who can break through enemies and crush under their feet. Again, what will you fight for?

‘If you aren’t ready to fight for your desires and destiny, just know that the enemy fights wars everyday to derail your destiny. “# Russell Mazonde


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-10-26(Fighters)

  1. thanks a milli bro. I really needed that. It’s a blessing to have you as my friend coz u r really blessing me everyday with the “Quote of the day” quotes. I love them, keep them coming.

  2. I loved your last quote: “If you aren’t ready to fight for what your desires and destiny, just know that the enemy fights wars everyday to derail your destiny”.

    Complacency leaves room for our destinies to be handed over to our enemy on a silver platter as we sit idly by waiting for our desires to drop into our laps.

    When we fight, we must fight with a purpose and a goal in mind. We fight for what we believe in and leave no room for compromise.

    Very inspiring. keep it up !

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