These are our heroes!

These are our heroes! Nasir Jones rapped this in a song i used to like a long time ago. At times i wonder what these heroes of ours run on, because most of them seem to have one thing in common, they will stop at nothing to see us happy and protected. I think my hero runs on coca Cola because this hero can down coke like no mans business :). I do not think i would have gotten anywhere in life had i not had this hero. And today this hero has taken a step further towards the wisdom years.

Mothers are our heroes, and mine has turned 53 years of age. had she not been strong and fought like a mother and father at the same time i am not sure i would really be here talking to you guys.This is a tribute to my hero because she has been symbol that shows that sacrificing for others shows just how much you love them.

Happy birthday mom


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