Quote of the day: 2011-10-25(Responsibility)

This is a word hated by most people, including myself once upon a time. No one likes being responsible. Why should i be responsible when there is someone else who can do this? This person called someone else really has his work cut out for him because everyone on this planet pushes stuff to him. Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for something and the greatest responsibility you can’t ever run way from is your responsibility to your destiny for only you can behold it.

My mentor and friend not so long ago told me something quite unique. “You have a responsibility on this planet and because of that God has given you a response-ability to meet your responsibilities”# Terrence Muringisi. Had me quite perplexed for a few days until i figured it out. I then concluded in my own words.

“We are who we chose to be, we are what we behold but no matter what responsibilities meant for ones shoulders only will never be passed to another and even with the passing of time they shall remain hidden in silence waiting for their master to come and take them” #Russell Mazonde


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: 2011-10-25(Responsibility)

  1. wow, indeed your Zimbabwean friend is wise. This phrase I’m going to share with others. “God has given you a response-ability to meet your responsibilities” Thanks for the post, that really got me going. I think in life, we fear what we hold in our hands so we pass it on to the next person hoping that they can handle it when really, we have the ability to deal with it, we are just too afraid to see it. At the same time, laziness is also a factor apart from fear and also we pass on the very precious gems in our hands to others no knowing that we do this in ignorance because we do not perceive its value. As much as I dislike the word, when we appreciate it for what it is, we will hold fast to our

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