Quote of the day: 2011-10-21(Character)

Working on character has been my life’s journey as i am not a person too concerned with much except becoming a better person. What i have discovered is that not a lot of people have the same view as i do because they think that their characters are stable and in good form. But only if we were to think so the world would be such a good place. In pursuit of getting rid of what i call dark echoes in my life i have discovered one thing, in all of us exists a fear of changing something that we are used too even if its wrong. This fear though different in magnitude from individual to individual means its a conscious decision to work on yourself and not a reflex action.

In my pursuit i have said, “If i cannot value myself to confront issues of my character, i cannot value the ones i love for my character influences directly how i relate with them for i cannot expect calm waters around me when i am a turbulent storm” # Russell Mazonde


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