Gym gym gym

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Quote of the day

So in the name of good health i started going to the gym. Its been good, but today i got a different trainer. Guy looks like a wrecking ball (sorry Miley) and he drives a mean training regime. 

Am i suppose to be able to scratch my back with my hands because surely they dont feel like they are there. The humanity. Sigh No pain no gain, well put into retrospect more pain = close to death at your hands.

Will be going back tomorrow :) 

Once upon a time

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Quote of the day

I started a story, i think its time to finish it :). How have all of you been ?

If you like to know

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Quote of the day

Every night…..

Posted: November 21, 2013 in General Topics

In your arms i sleep,

In your arms i have found peace,

I can’t sleep if i don’t feel you next to me,

Every night, like i have dreamt in times of solitude,

I rest in the embrace of my beloved.


Every night, i hear your voice,

See your face and your smile….

hear you talking, laughing….

Every night, like a dream you make me fall in love with you more…..


You are the sun… The moon.. The stars…

Every moment, Every night, you have touched my heart…

Buried yourself deep in it, made it your home…

Every night, every moment, my heart is yours #EZ


Lost without you

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Quote of the day

Every morning is like Christmas morning,

waking up to hear your voice in distant slumber..

Anticipating a  wonderful day i look at you sleep,

smiling as you open your eyes to meet my gaze.


Every moment i miss a step my heart bleeds,

for i do not want to be far from you my queen,

I do not want to feel a cold breeze between us,

Like when you slumber i want to be that close to you always..


Close enough like when i feel you breathing as you sleep,

close enough like then i feel your warmth…

Apple of my eye, my heart belongs to you,

banished to the motion of sand in a desert without you


Love of my life, my moon in the night sky,

my morning star, my precious sun I cannot be without you,

ringing in my mind you do each time like a reminder that will never leave me,

seeing you where i look, making me think of you constantly.

Cut my heart open love, and see how much you have written yourself on its inner walls.


Every morning taking time to embrace the scent of your fingers,

a part of me i cannot be without….. Elzette I cannot be without you….

I am so lost without you i feel like my walls are falling in,

left naked to a coming blizzard,

I never want to be away from you, your warm embrace

your tender smile and your calming voice.


There is no river i cannot cross if you are with me,

You are my strength and i am lost without you,

Because you are the woman who has my heart,

no matter i how stumble and fall,

no matter how much i fail,

my heart is yours and to your arms do i run my queen

for you are “she” that i am lost without





I cant be without you

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Quote of the day

Its been crazy, two days of feeling away from you,

my heart breathed with a slow pace,

walked like i had a broken a limb,

felt distant at night as if i was warmed by a distant fire.

Missing your eyes, the glitter in them when you look at me,

the broad smile you make when you laugh at my insane jokes,

your hair as i feel its strands in-between my fingers.

Walking in a wilderness, wishing i was never without you again,

feeling lost, wishing you always stay with me.

I love you my Queen……

I miss you in each passing day if i do not hear your voice,

hearing your neediness and feeling you looking at me.

When my eyes see you, no woman can be more beautiful…

I cannot wake up without you,

or sleep without you…. My day and night will be full of cold.

You live in my heart like the very blood that sustains me,

your words follow me to every place i go.

your image in my eyes,

your scent on my clothes.

I cannot be without you Elzette Rousseau <3

Do you remember….

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Quote of the day

Do you remember, the night before when your tears stopped flowing in the early hours of the morning….

Do you remember the morning after, when words seemed to flow like a raging river….

Do you remember the first day we met….. Nine months passed did you remember…

Passing each other like strangers…. Yet inside us was a knowledge of each other…..

A knowledge that makes us feel like we have been lovers for years……

Do you remember that morning……..  May 3rd……..

Do you remember your words, do you remember mine……….

Do you remember how you spoke to me……

Your words going around my defenses……

Do you remember how we shared each others lives for the first time…….

Do you remember seeing me, as i saw you…….

Three hours……. and i suspected i had found you……….

Remember the first cup of coffee we ever shared…….


Remember when i played patient and you played doctor…….

Remember when we shared our desires….

Remember the time i asked you for your number……

Remember the first time I called you babe….

Remember the first time i told you I love you……

Remember how we wanted to run to the border every day…….

Remember when you told me that I was the hottest chick you had ever seen.. Well at least the ones with facial hair…..


Remember watching a movie together….

Remember me teasing you with chocolate…..

Remember the first time you gave me the evil laugh after i threatened to sue you for typing faster than me on whatsapp….


I remember that day….. The lazy clouds up in the sky….

Absorbed in our conversations……

I never imagined that it would be the day when I would finally meet you.,…

Today we are back where we met on that day…..

Having come so far, facing new doors in our lives together……

I feel your fingers in-between mine and look into your eyes…..

When we first met here we were nothing more than 2 people……

Today we are two lovers……….

I can never say what made us talk on that day…..

But it does not matter because it happened for a reason……

I met the love of my life, the queen of my heart, my future and my lover……

I love you #ELZE